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It is the year 645 ARR, and the beginning of the second year aboard the Chu'unthor for a small group of padawans. The padawans - a year older, and some grieving losses - have been recognized for their accomplishments as padawans, remarkable in those who are still so young. Now they return to the mighty praxeum ship for its new cycle, which will take the former Heliost clanmates to new and exotic places.

[edit] Player Characters

[edit] Morality

Character Value Emotional Strengths & Weaknesses
Raal 82 Enthusiasm/Curiosity • Recklessness
Rudo 78 Curiosity/Compassion • Obsession/Fear
Dosa Char 70 Discipline/Pride • Anger/Obsession
Dash Obrim 51 Bravery/Curiosity • Anger/Obsession
Durgos 50 Curiosity/Independence • Recklessness/Obstinance
Jace 78 Independence • Obsession/Recklessness

[edit] Duty

Contribution Level: 1 (Novice-Level)

d100 Roll Character Value Duty
01 - 08 Raal 8 Senior Padawan
09 - 16 Rudo 8 Senior Padawan
17 - 24 Dosa Char 8 Senior Padawan
25 - 32 Dash Obrim 8 Senior Padawan
33 - 40 Durgos 8 Senior Padawan
41 - 48 Jace Belos 8 Senior Padawan
Total 48
Raal, Wookiee Seeker (Pathfinder)Played by Chillos
Raal, Wookiee Seeker (Pathfinder)
Played by Chillos
Rudo, Ithorian Consular (Sage)Played by AJ
Rudo, Ithorian Consular (Sage)
Played by AJ
Dosa Char, Nautolan Warrior (Aggressor)Played by Josh
Dosa Char, Nautolan Warrior (Aggressor)
Played by Josh
Dash Obrim, Human Guardian (Soresu Defender)Played by Oscar
Dash Obrim, Human Guardian (Soresu Defender)
Played by Oscar
Durgos, Zabrak Sentinel (Shadow)Played by Greg
Durgos, Zabrak Sentinel (Shadow)
Played by Greg
 Jace Belos, Human Guardian (Warleader)Played by Jack
Jace Belos, Human Guardian (Warleader)
Played by Jack

[edit] Resources

The Chu'unthor
Praxeum Ship of the Jedi Order
Jedi: 2900 (Masters: 100 • Knights: 800 • Padawans: 400 • Younglings: 600 [50 per clan] • Service Corps: 1000)
Republic Navy: 500 • Specialists & Passengers: 2000
Jedi Councils: The Masters CouncilCouncil of ReconciliationCouncil of First KnowledgeCouncil of Reassignment
Other Jedi: Masters • Knights • PadawansYounglings
Jedi Service Corps: Praxeum Security • Agricultural Corps • Educational Corps • Explorer Corps • Medical Corps
Republic Naval Crew: Command StaffTechnical Staff • Flight Crew
Specialists: Researchers & University StaffMedical Staff • Diplomat Staff • Support Staff
Passengers & Others: x

Jedi Quarters (SJ•02) • Starboard Leisure

Council of Masters Offices • Engineering Workshops & Labs • ExplorCorps Offices • Library Archives • Lightsaber Crafting Workshops • Spire of Solitude • Thaenir's Cantina • University of Sanbra Offices

Flight Deck Dormitories • Starboard Hangar Bay

Droids: Class One (Scientific)Class Two (Technical)Class Three (Protocols) • Class Four (Combat)Class Five (Menials)
Ships: Shoto-class StarfighterHolocron-class Cruiser • Mon Calamari MC-18 Light Freighter • Eta-class Shuttle
Other: Holocrons
Praxeum Tours
644 AR • 645 AR

Galactic Atlas
Empress TetaFoerostKhommKuar • RuanVulpter
Alderaan • Anaxes • Brentall • ChandrilaCoruscant • DuroKuat • N'zoth
Corellian Sector: Aurea • Corellia (inc. Centerpoint Station, Drall, Selonia, Talus Tralus) • CorfaiFroz • NubiaPhemisSacorria • Vagran • Xyquine
Castell • Cato Neomidia • Devaron • Fondor • Mrisst
Ansion • Bothawui • Boz PityCereaIthorMalastareNabooOrd Mantell • RiflorRuusanThe Wheel
Hutt Space: Nal Hutta (inc. Nar Shaddaa) • Saki • Toydaria • VarlYlesia
Mytaranor Sector: Kashyyyk • Trandosha
Arbooine • Arda I • Cholganna • DesevroDantooine • Eriadu • Farstine • Gamorr • Iego • ListeholMandalore • MoltokMon CalamariMustafarMygeeto • Ossus • Raxus Prime • Rishi • Ryloth • Saleucami • Sernpidal • Shadda-Bi-BoranShimiaSriluurSullust • Sump • TerminusTeth • Triton • Tund • Utapau
Anoat Sector: AnoatBespinHoth
Arkanis Sector: Geonosis • Tatooine
Corporate Sector: BonadanLythos
Esstran Sector: Moraband • Ord Radama
Hutt Space: Kintan • Klatooine • Vodran
Kessel Sector: FormosHonoghrKessel
Savareen Sector: ChristophsisRodia
Thanium Worlds: FeluciaRhen Var
Major Trade Routes
Corellian RunCorellian Trade SpineHydian WayParlemian Trade RouteRimma Trade Route
  • Jedi Training Techniques, used by Jedi to hone their skills and focus their connection to the Force.
  • Motivations, used to determine character Motivations
  • Morality, describing the mechanics behind Morality
  • Duty & Contribution, describing the mechanics behind Duty and Contribution
  • Jedi Uniforms: The accepted uniforms of the Jedi Order of six hundred years after the Ruusan Reformation.
  • Ships: The various ships of the Galaxy.
  • Lightsabers: The various modes and attachments for lightsabers.

[edit] GM Resources

[edit] Jedi Order

The Jedi Code • The Three Pillars
Temple on Coruscant • The Chu'unthor
High Council • Council of First Knowledge • Council of Reconciliation • Council of Reassignment
Jedi Service Corps
Agriculture Corps • Educational Corps • Exploration Corps • Medical Corps • Temple Security Force

[edit] Arc Two: Praxeum Padawans

[edit] Previous Arcs

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