Bad Moon Needed STCs

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  • Note on Credit: Don't forget to "sign" your NPCs, so I know who to give credit to for the creation.
  • Note on Gender: More lady-type NPCs, y'all. :) Lots of dudes so far.
  • Note on Ethnicity: When choosing last names and backgrounds, keep some of this in mind:
    • City Center ancestries are 14% German, 13% Irish, 10% English, 5% Norwegian (about 4% Swedish)
    • Alameda WestLex ancestries are 12% Mexican, 8% Finnish, 7% German, 6% Italian, 6% English; 10% of population are immigrants
    • Navy Heights ancestries are 12% Mexican, 9% German, 7% English, 6% Norwegian, 6% Irish; 13% of population are immigrants
  • Template: Use the following format for an NPC, please.
    • NAME: CONCEPT. DETAILS, 3-5 paragraphs. (YOUR NAME)

None Needed at Current