Blackstaff Tower MageFaire 1354DR

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Market Clusters


Day One (Tarsakh 30, 1354 DR)

  • Wizardly Legacies of the Savage Frontier, by Savengriff of the North.
  • Arcane Gods in Netherese Culture, by Markov of Halruaa.

Day Two (Greengrass, 1354 DR

  • Magical Item Clusters & Their Creation, by Rinderhal of the Mask.
  • The Place of Morality and Ethics in the Use of Arcane Magic, with Savengriff of the North, Beolfric Cædda of the Host Tower of the Arcane, Dame Darshee of the Knights in Silver, and Ilbrost Mythyl of the House of Wonder.
  • The Life and Accomplishments of Bowgentle of Silverymoon, with Scholar Lunden of the Lady's College.

Day Three (Mirtul 1, 1354 DR)

  • The Thunder Blessing & Dwarven Magic of Old, with Representatives of the Dwarven Folk
  • Mythals & How to Identify Them, with xxx.