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[edit] Verona Brainstorming

[edit] Details Brainstorm

  • Play both sides?
    • Large cast
  • Generation after marriage?
  • Righteous and the unjust
  • A will?
    • Fight over the children?
      • Children in trust?
  • Focus on two families
  • Children are focus?
  • Children are not protagonists
  • End with spotlight on family heads
  • Questionably lawful city?
  • Irish mob was the force, but pushed out by Italian mafia. Many Irish then joined the police. May be relegated to background element or second season.

[edit] Franchise Brainstorm

  • Violence
    • Abuse
    • Aftermath of violence
  • Occupational scene
  • Unexpected character twists
    • Characters don’t expect each others’ actions
    • Bard’s tongue
  • No truly happy endings
  • Continuing theme of decoupling and coming apart
  • Indication of similarity between families
  • Visceral actions
    • Swearing
    • Racism
  • Alteration of perception – Reversal
  • Children mirror events
  • Narrator – one of the children
  • Children as objects
  • Always one scene set in church

[edit] Character Brainstorm

  • Upstanding son (Michael Corleone)
  • Higher-up crime dood from outside
  • Blunt outsider
  • Shifty foreigner
  • Secret lovers
  • Narrator
  • Black sheep – conscience?
  • Servant (pool boy, gardener)
  • Pawns
  • Militant person X
  • Police chief’s daughter
  • Manipulative older advisor with suspect motives
  • Golden Boy
  • Local bartender
  • Surviving sibling of married couple
  • Back from College
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