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Map Key
  • 1: Melvar's Chapbooks & Folios (Business; B,2)
  • 2: Antonyn's Imports (Business; A,1)
  • 3: The Dragon Tower of Maaril (Residence; A,4 with B,2 + A,2)
  • 4: House of Inspired Hands (Temple; B,3 with C,1 + B,2)
  • 5: Maerghoun's Inn (Inn; B,3)
  • 6: House Ilzimmer Estate (Residence; A,2 with B,1 + A,2)
  • 7: House Umbrusk Estate (Residence; A,2 with B,2 + A,2 + A,3)
  • 8: The Tower of Luck (Temple; A,3 with A,3 + numerous A,2)
  • 9: House Husteem Estate (Residence; A,4 with A,3 + A,3)
  • 10: House Assumbar Estate (Residence; A,1 with B,1 + A,2 + A,3)
  • 11: House Wavesilver Estate (Residence; A,4 with A,2 + B,2 + A,2)
  • 12: The Crown & Heron (Tavern; B,2)
The City of Splendors
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[edit] Residences

  • The Dragon Tower of Maaril (3): A great tower in the shape of a rearing dragon, its open mouth serving as a balcony for the wicked mage Maaril, the local whisper fearsome rumors about its owner. It is said that he only takes lovely female apprentices, but no one ever sees them again, and that he not only commands dragons as his mounts, but conducts horrible experiments upon dragon eggs, warping the resulting hatchlings into terrible monsters that obey him utterly.
  • House Ilzimmer Estate (6): House Ilzimmer's estate is always a veritable sight, with its fine expansive stables that are meant to show off the House's finest bred horses. The Ilzimmer scions are just as shown-off, as the family is renowned for its fine fashions - it is said that an article of clothing isn't truly fashionable until its been showcased by a son or daughter of House Ilzimmer.
  • House Umbrusk Estate (7): This estate reflects the wealth of the landowner/usurers of House Umbrusk. It is a study in Waterdhavian opulence, with fine statuary and exquisite art at every turn. The Umbrusks are many, and about half of the House lives on this estate. Several of the outbuildings are practically manor houses in their own right, to accomodate the nearly two-score relations important and wealthy enough to live on the estate.
  • House Husteem Estate (9): The mercenary nobles of House Husteem have poured their war-earnings into the opulence of their estate. Not for House Husteem are the soft comforts of the other Houses, however: they revel in fine marble surfaces and carvings, and use highly-polished, sword-quality steel fixtures and black woods. Their many rugs and tapestries are trophies of war, and their central entry foyer includes a great many trophies of war taken from the leaders of defeated enemies, each in glass cases.
  • House Assumbar Estate (10): The buildings that make up the Assumbar estate are truly some of the finest examples of woodwork in Waterdeep. It is known that one of the large buildings of the compounds is a carriage house holding some of the finest and most exotic carriages in the city. There is also a family shrine to Siamorphe, the smallest of the buildings whose street-facing facade features a massive stained-glass window showing a depiction of the Goddess of Nobility blessing a kneeling figure wearing the Assumbar heraldry.
  • House Wavesilver Estate (11): The handsome and daring ship captains of House Wavesilver have made their home into a virtual gallery of their journeys around the world, decorating it with fine goods from far-off Kara-Tur, Zakhara and other strange places.

[edit] Businesses

  • Melvar's Chapbooks & Folios (1): A bookbinder by trade, Melvar also maintains a small staff of scriveners, allowing him to not only sell new books empty of content, and to bind the writings of his customers, but to also copy out books brought to him as well. He promises complete discretion for such work.
  • Antonyn's Imports (2): An importer of fine luxuries, Antonyn takes great pride in his ability to retrieve very nearly any luxury item from his ample Trades Ward warehouses. If he doesn't have it (and he maintains an exacting inventory book in his offices here), his network of contacts can find someone in the city who does. If it isn't in the city, he also promises to be able to get it faster than anyone else in Waterdeep.

[edit] Nightlife

[edit] Inns

  • Maerghoun's Inn (5): An old, opulent inn of scented purple hangings, flickering lamps and dark wood paneling favored by young couples and the high-coin escorts favored in this district. The watchword here is privacy, and it is observed quite strictly. Though it serves neither food nor drink, those who use the inn are free to have it brought in, or to have one of the ubiquitous young runners go to fetch something (usually from the nearby Crown & Heron). The inn is known for its large, round beds, fine purple silken robes and the soundproofing on its rooms.

[edit] Taverns

  • The Crown & Heron (12): A favorite evening haunt of some of the local nobles, the Crown & Heron is very "highnose" - they turn away those who are dressed too shabbily and have a very high opinion of their services. Of course, this opinion is somewhat well-deserved, with the quality of the provender they serve. There are always minstrels on hand in the small corner stage, as well, hoping to not just earn coin for their playing here, but to also perhaps land a noble patron.

[edit] Temples

  • The House of Inspired Hands (4): Temple to Gond. This temple compound sees a great deal of traffic, from worshippers and those who are simply interested in the wonders on display. Many craftsmen can be found coming and going here, as well, either as adherents of the faith or simply because the church is happy to lend some of its space for gatherings of craftsmen too large to be accommodated by any one guildhall.
  • The Tower of Luck (8): Temple to Tymora. Lit brightly and decorated with vibrant colors and images of gold coins with Tymora's smiling face, the Tower of Luck is a favorite of the merchant-nobles of Waterdeep. It is not unusual to see weddings, child-blessings and similar events going on here, with great fanfare and gaity.
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