Clear City Chronicles

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[edit] Player Characters

  • Brown Fox, a quick brown fox that jumps over a Lazy Dog. (Played by Chillos)
  • Tesla, a quantum master of electricity. (Played by Shawn)
  • Yong Zian, The Wu Xing Warrior, Master of the five true Elements. And Alcohol. (Played by Ryan)
  • Redcap, x. (Played by Kurt)
  • Empyria, x. (Played by Chris)
  • Horizon, a stranger. (Played by Joe)

[edit] Setting

  • Clear Industries
  • Ross
  • Zeal

[edit] NPCs

Alfred Clear III, patron
Alfred Clear III, patron
Eleanor Rigby, police chief
Eleanor Rigby, police chief
Bruce Bafaro, mechanic
Bruce Bafaro, mechanic
Lincoln, EMT
Lincoln, EMT
Trinity, communications & PR
Trinity, communications & PR
  • Alfred Clear III: Patron, CEO of Clear Industries
  • Police Chief Elenore Rigby: Hardass lesbian that doesn't take no for an answer. She is well respected, but is skeptical of supers coming back and their role in society.
  • Bruce Bafaro: Italian mechanic. Crass, self centered hot shot.
  • Lincoln: EMT, highly intellectual, introvert
  • Trinity: Receptionist and communications. Bubbly, friendly, very attractive and buxom, tanned, average IQ. Part time PR.

[edit] Resources

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