Cults of the Moon

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Cultus of the Moon
Cult of Luna
Known Membership
Initiates: xxx
Status: Cultus of the Moon
Acolyte (•): You have created links to the cultus, and been accepted for training in the basics of the philosophy. You are expected to continue to study with whoever is teaching you, until you elect to initiate, or until you choose to go your own way.
System: Gain a +1 bonus when dealing with other members of the Cults of the Moon if they know you are a member. You may learn Rites for the Cultus, if you have the Rites Merit. You replace Integrity with Balance.

Initiate (••), Elder (•••), Hierophant (••••) and Saint (•••••): These are covered by the individual Cultus faction memberships. For higher ranks of this Merit, see:
Cult of the New Moon
Cult of the Crescent Moon
Cult of the Half Moon
Cult of the Gibbous Moon
Cult of the Full Moon.

All werewolves are attached to the Moon on a primal level. It excites their Feral Wolves, and drives them closer to madness: the Lunacy of which all wolves speak with dread. In the long-ago days of the first werewolves, however, they discovered that by delving into the mysteries of the Celestial spirit Luna and committing themselves to her in formal acts of chiminage and humility, they might stave off the effects of the Moon on their Feral Wolves.

By becoming more devoted to Luna than their Feral Wolves, werewolves can learn to heal themselves of the Lunacy. There are many cultural expressions of these moon-cults, but all of them are personalized: they do not gather into groups of adherents, but are made up of guru-like hierophants teaching those who come seeking their experience and knowledge.

Still, they do maintain far-flung information about one another, sufficient to warrant a Status in the myriad cults. Adherents often wear simple leather cords with eight knots to represent the cycle of moons observed in the cult; those with Status ••• replace these knots with actual silver beads. Many of the most powerful and influential leaders of these cults are women.

The Great Cycle

The symbol of the Cultus is called the Great Cycle a representation of the full cycle of Luna's Face. Starting a the top of the symbol, it is:

  • 5 days Full
  • 3 days Gibbous
  • 3 days Half
  • 3 days Crescent
  • 5 days New
  • 3 days Crescent
  • 3 days Half
  • 3 days Gibbous
  • and then back to Full