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[edit] New Armor Types

Armor Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
Buckler 5 gp +1 - - 4 lb
Tower Shield 30 gp +3 Str 13 Disadvantage 40 lb
  • Buckler: This small shield is fitted around the arm and made of metal, wood, or boiled leather. It takes the same time to don and doff as a normal shield (1 action) and a character cannot benefit from a buckler and any other type of shield at the same time. Unlike a shield, a character can still use the hand in which the buckler is equipped. If during a character's turn they use an item with this hand, attack with a weapon in this hand, or attack with a two-handed weapon, then the character does not gain the buckler's bonus to AC until the start of their next turn.
    • Attacking with a one-handed weapon or thrown weapon using the buckler hand causes disadvantage on the attack roll. The hand wielding the buckler does not count as a free hand for the purposes of spellcasting, grappling, or unarmed attacks.
    • A character proficient with shields is also considered proficient with bucklers. A buckler does not benefit from the rules or abilities that specifically refer to shields, such as the Protection Fighting Style or the Shield Master feat.
  • Tower Shield: A huge metal-reinforced shield nearly as tall as its wielder. Donning and doffing the tower shield takes 1 action. A character cannot benefit from a tower shield and any other type of shield at the same time.
    • While a tower shield is equipped, its bearer takes disadvantage on all attack rolls due to the off-balancing encumbrance of the shield, unless the weapon has the Light property. A character proficient with both shields and heavy armor is assumed to be proficient with tower shields. All other rules that affect shields still apply to tower shields.
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