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You are needed by your Order.

Your first duty is to vanish, entirely. Leave no trace of your whereabouts, even to your mentor.

We Are Watching.


[edit] Player Characters

[edit] Chronicle Resources

  • Divine Thread Chronicle Stats, a compilation of the Attributes, Skills and Arcana ratings of the PCs in the chronicle, used to determine relative importance of focus areas to the group.

[edit] Victorian London

[edit] Noteworthy Locales

  • Bevins House: A boarding house in Newington, Southeast London.

[edit] Reference

  • Victorian London: The ultimate resource for Victorian London. [1]
  • Victorian Roleplaying Themes: A source for the sorts of themes one might encounter in a Victorian RPG, with plenty of excellent links. [2]
  • Victorian Cost of Living: A guide to weekly and yearly expenditures in Victorian England. [3]

[edit] Merits

[edit] House Rules

  • Natural Healing: An alternate take on natural healing in the World of Darkness Storytelling System.
  • Mind Magic and Social Buffs: Bringing the Mind spells that augment Mental and Social abilities more into scale with other spells.
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