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[edit] The Harpers

The following are unassigned or open missions for the Harpers of Waterdeep.

[edit] The Red Book

Lady Remallia seeks a book for the Harpers' library. It is a rare book, printed over a hundred years ago, called the Red Book of a Thayvian Mage, by Thaelrythyn of Thay. Though not itself magical, it is a book of rare knowledge of both magical formulas and schema, and will greatly enhance the library.

  • Contact: Lady Remallia Haventree
  • Mission: Retrieve a copy of the Red Book of a Thayvian Mage by Thaelrythyn of Thay, and bring it to Lady Remallia.
  • Reward: Remallia is offering 100gp plus the imbuement of the Harper's pin with the Arcane (Greater) quality, allowing the bearer to cast detect magic once per long rest. The Harper's cell also gain +2 Connections investment.

[edit] Caravans of the Delimbyr Vale

Lady Remallia is concerned about some attacks on caravans passing through the Delimbyr Vale. She needs Harpers to find caravans who are passing through there who would be amenable to allowing one of her agents to accompany them. They are willing to provide additional fighting support, but they are fact-finding above all.

  • Contact: Lady Remallia Haventree
  • Mission: Find a caravan-master who ventures into the Delimbyr Vale and convince them to take on an additional sell-sword; you may tell them the agent is a Harper if you deem them trustworthy.
  • Reward: Remallia is offering 50gp. The Harper's Cel also gains +1 Connections investment.

[edit] Identifying Zhentarim

Waterdeep's Harpers need to keep tabs on the local Zhentarim agents.

  • Contact: Lady Remallia Haventree
  • Mission: If a Harper discovers the identity of a Zhentarim agent, they should bring it to Lady Remallia immediately.
  • Reward: Harper renown +1, plus 100gp. The Harper's Cell gains +2 Connections investment.

[edit] The Question of Skullport

Skullport has long been shut down, but history suggests that never lasts long. Lady Remallia will pay for information about the Port of Shadows.

  • Contact: Lady Remallia Haventree
  • Mission: Venture down into Skullport and do as comprehensive a job as possible checking out its current situation: what dwells there, who are the factions, what is the status of its various points of egress.
  • Reward: 200gp, plus an uncommon magic item from the Harper Schema list of items. The Harper's Cell gains +1 Connections investment.

[edit] The Heralds

[edit] Assisting Falconfree

A Vigilant interested in pursuing a greater investment in the doings of the Heralds could do worse than to assist Falconfree in her researches.

  • Contact: Rusella Varandal, the Herald Falconfree
  • Mission: Accumulate a number of Lores equal to 3 + double your current Heralds renown by performing the Research downtime action. This occurs at Falconfree's archives, so there is no gold piece cost involved.
  • Reward: Heralds renown +1.

[edit] Contacts in Waterdeep

The Herald's responsibilities are greatly eased by ensuring they have a wide net of informants and contacts to draw on for their work. Vigilants and apprentices often take some of the burden for making these connections from the Herald.

  • Contact: Rusella Varandal, the Herald Falconfree
  • Mission: Make and provide Contacts or Favors to Falconfree. These are gained through adventure rewards and downtime actions (notably the Carousing or Religious Service actions). This number should equal 3 + double your current Heralds renown.
  • Reward: Heralds renown +1.

[edit] A Herald's Skills

A Vigilant interested in becoming a Herald is well-advised to demonstrate skill in the kinds of archival skills valued by the Heralds.

  • Contact: Rusella Varandal, the Herald Falconfree
  • Mission: Become proficient in calligrapher's supplies, cartographer's tools, or painter's supplies, and present a sample of that skill to Falconfree.
  • Reward: Heralds renown +1.

[edit] The Promenade-in-Exile

[edit] Status of the Promenade

The clergy's information about the Promenade in Undermountain is almost two years out of date. Things change so rapidly in Undermountain that an ongoing source of information is necessary.

  • Contact: The Lady of the Promenade
  • Mission: Venture into Undermountain and discover the current status of the Promenade.
  • Reward: Promenade renown +1, plus 100gp. (If performed by the Cell as a whole, Cell gains +1 Watchers, +1 Allies investment.)

[edit] Watcher in Skullport

It is vital that the Promenade have someone in Skullport to keep an eye on things.

  • Contact: The Lady of Promenade
  • Mission: Recruit an agent in Skullport who will give ongoing, reliable intelligence about the goings-on in the Promenade.
  • Reward: Promenade renown +1. (If performed by the Cell as a whole, Cell gains +1 Watchers, +1 Allies investment.)

[edit] The Griffins

[edit] The Traitor's Head

Not only did that bastard Mathunur the Grip steal a bunch of coin from the Griffins, but he damned near got Valesta killed when he sold her location out to Arulembar's Shields. There is a price on his damned head.

  • Contact: Valesta
  • Mission: Bring Mathunur in, dead or alive, to Valesta.
  • Reward: Griffins renown +1, plus 200gp. Non-Griffins earns a favor from the gang instead of renown.

[edit] Training the Fledglings

Let's face it: training the baby Griffins sucks. Nobody wants to do it - which of course means that anyone who is willing to do it voluntarily is going to get something out of it.

  • Contact: Grother
  • Mission: Complete 3 tendays of training new recruits.
  • Reward: Griffins renown +1, plus 10gp. Additionally, gain a "right hand" henchman from the best of the fighters in your training group (uses either the Gambler or Scoundrel stat block, CR 1/4).

[edit] The Stationers' Guild

[edit] The Tome of Centuries

Three years ago, one of the priceless possessions of the Stationers' Guild – the Tome of Centuries – was stolen. There is a hefty standing reward for the return of the book, which is said to contain, among other things, the schema for the creation of the tome of clear thought, the tome of leadership and influence, the tome of understanding, the manual of bodily health, the manual of gainful exercise, and the manual of quickness of action.

  • Contact: Guildmaster
  • Mission: Return the Tome of Centuries to the Stationers' Guild.
  • Reward: Stationers' Guild renown +1 (if at least Journeyman level), plus the opportunity to read (but not own) one of the tomes or manuals in the Tome (of which the Stationers' Guild has several).

[edit] Writing Kits

The Font of Knowledge, the temple to Oghma and his divine household, has a standing agreement with the Stationers' Guild. Members of the guild who spend time creating writing kits for the temple receive the favor of the temple as well as the regard of their guildsmates.

  • Contact: Shilvarl Nerenuin, priest of the Font of Knowledge
  • Mission: Bring ten calligrapher's supplies or painter's supplies crafted by the guild member to the Font of Knowledge. Each kit takes 2 days and 5gp to make.
  • Reward: Stationers' Guild renown +1 (if at least Journeyman level), plus 50gp, and two Favors from the Font of Knowledge. (This may only be done for renown once per year.)

[edit] House Melshimber

[edit] The Tome of the Vigilant

There is an old manuscript known as the Tome of the Vigilant. Lady Andraethra, the consort of House, has a reward for its acquisition, and a member of the House who brings it to her will surely gain in the eyes of the House.

  • Contact: Lady Andraethra Melshimber
  • Mission: Bring Lady Andraethra the Tome of the Vigilant.
  • Reward: House Melshimber renown +1, plus a purse of 400gp.

[edit] Enriching the Vault

The act of accumulating secrets about others in Waterdeep is referred to in the House as "enriching the Vault," a reference to the Vault of Secrets. Those who bring Lady Golsetha more juicy information and useful informants find their star on the rise in the House.

  • Contact: Lady Gholsetha Melshimber
  • Mission: Make and provide Contacts or Favors to House Melshimber. These are gained through adventure rewards and downtime actions (notably the Carousing or Religious Service actions). This number should equal 3 + double your current House renown.
  • Reward: House renown +1, plus 50gp per Contact or Favor.

[edit] House De'spri

[edit] Materials-Gathering Expedition

The House always has need of someone to lead an expedition of harvesters into the wild to retrieve the rare herbs and minerals that form the basis for so much of the House's vocations. The labs have to be stocked by someone, after all.

  • Contact: xxx
  • Mission: Take an expedition into the wilderness for at least a tenday. Those who are better established have to make truly impressive expeditions to gain the regard of the House.
  • Reward: House De'spri renown +1, but only if the expedition goes for one tenday per point of current renown. Also gain 50gp per tenday so spent.

[edit] Establish a New Alchemist Shop

With the loss of several alchemists in Waterdeep in recent days, there is room for more De'spri alchemists in the market. A member of the House who devoted their efforts to getting a new shop set up would find no small degree of regard from the House.

  • Contact: xxx
  • Mission: Fine or recruit a new alchemist and set them up in a De'spri funded shop. Once an alchemist of sufficient skill has been located, taken the Establish a Business downtime action to get the shop set up.
  • Reward: House De'spri renown +1 after the first month in which the new business turns a profit, plus 300gp and new alchemical formulae (3 Uncommon, 2 Rare, 1 Very Rare).

[edit] By Hook or By Crook

The famous Calishite alchemist known as the Numinous Sage passed away last year. It is said that he bequeathed several of his best apprentices with the Numinous Formulary: the Sage's private collection of alchemical formulae he invented, a book filled with alchemical wonders. Needless to say, House De'spri would very much like a copy of this book to add to the house archives.

  • Contact: xxx
  • Mission: Acquire a copy of the Numinous Formulary for the house archives.
  • Reward: House De'spri renown +2, plus 500gp and the right to copy every formula in the Numinous Formulary.

[edit] xxx


  • Contact: xxx
  • Mission: xxx
  • Reward: xxx

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