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Old Evendur


[edit] Origin

Evendur Husteem was born into the noble and ancient House Husteem. Evendur was a dutiful and scholarly child, while he did well in the martial lessons his father insisted on, he preferred the world of tomes and lore. He did exactly what he was required to and returned to his beloved boks as soon as possible.

When Evendur was 12 he was on a tour of some of the family properties, when he asked why they didn't keep them in better repair. He argued with his father that it was their obligation to provide a safe place to live. When they were returned home his father had him beaten t within an inch of his life.

From a young age Ven was fascinated with magic. He read everything he could find in the family library on it, and would incessantly pester Sundagost Fareye when he came to the family home on business. Uncle Orlpar tormented him by saying that he would tell Maaril that Ven was a girl and sell him to the Wizard as an apprentice.

He defied his family and joined the Temple of Mystra as an initiate.

[edit] Appearance

Evendur stands 6'1" tall, he has long brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He typically wears simple blue robes trimmed with white, on his head is a blue skullcap. In Winter he wears a cloak of deep blue. On his Chest is an 8 Pointed blue white star. Evendur wields a mahogany staff decorated with inlaid silver runes, at the top is the 8 pointed star of Mystra.

[edit] Character Record

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Lawful Good male Human Cleric of Mystra 1 Mage 3 & Waterdehaven Noble. DoB: 9th day of Eleasias in the year 1332. He is currently 20 years of age.

  • Ability Scores: Strength 14(+2), Dexterity 11(+0), Constitution 14(+2), Intelligence 18(+4), Wisdom 16(+3), Charisma 16(+3)

Proficiencies Bonus +2

  • Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom
  • Skills: Arcana, Insight, Religion, History, Persuasion
  • Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields
  • Weapons: All Simple Weapons
  • Tools: Gaming Set (cards)

Traits & Languages

  • Traits: Speed 30, Spell School: Abjuration
    • Dweomerkeeper: You gain advantage on saving throws against magical effects. Additionally, your cleric magic functions normally in areas of wild or dead magic.
    • Arcane ward: When your first abjuratin spell is cast gain a ward that has HP equal to (Wizard Level x2)+ Int Bonus
    • Feat(Observant): +1 to Int , Read lips, +5 to Passive Perception and +5 to Investigation,
    • Feat(War Caster):
      • Advantage on Constitution Saving throws to maintain concentration.
      • Use somatic components when you have weapons or a shield in one or both hands.
      • When a hostile creatures movement provokes an attack of opportunity - Cast a spell.
  • Languages: Common, Undercommon, Chondathan, Espruar, Gnim, Halruuan

[edit] Combat

  • Armor Class: 17
    • (Armor: 15 + Dex Mod: 0 + Shield: +2 + Other: 0)
    • Armor: Scale Mail +1, AC: 15, Weight: 45 lb.
    • Armor: Shield AC: +2, Weight: 45 lb.
  • Hit Points: 26 Hit Dice: 1d8, 3d6
  • Initiative: +0, Speed: 30
  • Attacks
    • Staff: Bonus: +4, Damage: 1d6(versatile 1d8) +2, Weight: xx
    • Javelin: Bonus: +4, Damage: 1d6 +2, Weight: xx
    • Morningstar +1: Bonus: +3, Damage & Effects: 1d8+3, Weight: n/ad8
    • Shocking Grasp: Bonus: +6, Damage & Effects: xx, Weight: n/ad8

[edit] Resources

Money: Copper 2404 Silver 772 Toals: 267 Gold 516 Platinum: 41
Gems: Tourmaline(60 GP) x1, Tigers Eye Agate(10 GP) x2, Hydrophane (40 GP) x1, Ophealine(8 GP per), Iols (60 GP), Onyx (40 GP)

  • Banked:

Carried Equipment: Holy Symbol, Staff(Mage tool), Scale Mail, Mystran Vestments, Component Pouch, Chalk (5 pcs), Gaming Set(Cards), Javelin x4, Adventures Kit,

material Components: Crystal(Read Magic), Pearl(100 GP)

Stored Equipment: Fine Clothing x2, Evendur's Journal(50 Pages, Fine Vellum), Ink(1 Bottle), Ink Pen, Parchment(10 Sheets),

Magic Items:

  • Scale Mail +1

Attuned Magic Items: (1/3)

  • Blackstaff Tower

Consumable Magic Items:

  • Scatterspray Scroll

Tomes: Ancient Practices of the Religion of Mystril in the Empire of Netheril (Religion DC 20), X (History DC 15)

Lifestyle: Wealthy, 0/month.

  • Evendur lives in Blackstaff Tower

[edit] Spells

  • # of Prepared Spells: 4 Cleric / 7 Wizard
  • Magic Ability: Wisdom / Intelligence
  • Saving Throw DC Total: Wisdom: 13 Intelligence: 14
    • (Base DC (8+mod): 11 + Spellcasting Bonus: 2)

Cleric Cantrips

  • Read Magic (School) - Domain
  • Prestidigitation (Transmutation) - Domain
  • Light (Evocation) - Weaveglow, this light is always a blueish white light.
  • Guidance (School)
  • Spare the Dying (School)

Domain Spells

  • Identify
  • Detect Magic

Wizard Cantrips

  • Shocking grasp
  • Message
  • Mending

Cleric Spells (4):

  • Cure Wounds (V, S)- 1d8 + ability modifier
  • Detect Evil and Good (Ritual)
  • Shield of Faith
  • Guiding Bolt (V, S)- 4d6 Radiant, Targets grant advantage

Wizard Spells (7):

  • Comprehend Languages (Rit, V,S,M)
  • Shield (V, S) - reaction + 5 to AC
  • Alarm - (Rit, V,S, M)
  • Burning Hands (V, S)
  • Feather Fall (V, M) - Reaction
  • Blur - (V) - Attackers gain Disadvantadge to attack me, 1min concentration.
  • Open Slot -

Spells Per Day

  • 1st: 4/4
  • 2nd: 3/3

[edit] Prayer and Spell Book

[edit] Gifts of Mystra


  • Read Magic (School) - Cleric
  • Prestidigitation (Transmutation) - Cleric
  • Light (Evocation) - Weaveglow, this light is always a blueish white light. - Cleric
  • Guidance (School) - Cleric
  • Resistance (School) - Cleric

Domain Spells

  • Detect Magic (Divination) - Cleric
  • Identify (Divination) - Cleric

[edit] Evendur's Spellbook

Evendurs's Spellbook: The cover is made of hammered copper, with the Star of Mystra inscribed in Silver. The front page is a hand illuminated prayer of dedication to Mystra and the Art. Each page of the spellbook contains rows of neat notes and formula's, along with prayers to Mystra.
Mechanics: Quarto Spellbook(100 Pages), Metal Cover, Cover decoration
Pages used: 47/100

  • Mage Cantrips: Shocking grasp(3 Pgs), Message(1 Pg.), Mending (2 Pgs.)
  • 1st Level Spells: Comprehend Languages (Divination, 4 Pgs), Shield (Abjuration, 2 Pgs), Thunderwave (Evocation, 2 Pgs), Alarm (Abjuration, 4 Pgs), Magic Missile(Evocation, 3 Pgs), Feather Fall(Transmutation, 5 Pgs), Burning Hands(Evocation, 3 pgs), Grease(Conjuration, 2 Pgs), Fog Cloud(Conjuration, 4 Pgs)
  • 2nd Level Spells: Arcane Lock(Abjuration, 6 Pgs), Blur(Illusion, 6 Pgs),

[edit] Hierographs of Adamandar

Wizard Spells

  • 1st-level: detect magic, find familiar, wardaway
  • 2nd-level: Irithra's Spelltouch, magic weapon
  • 3rd-level: dispel magic
  • 4th-level: arcane eye

Priest Spells

[edit] Three Spell Folio

  • 1st-Level: Detect Life
  • 2nd-Level: Mind Mantle, Poisonstar

[edit] Interactions

  • Ideals:
    • Magic is a great gift that should be used to the benefit of civilization.
  • Flaws:
    • Reacts with hostility to Bullies.
    • afraid of his family
    • Evendur is afraid of priests of Loviatar.
  • Bonds:
    • Alyra - His older sister. She was always Evendur's ally in the family, and encouraged him to stand up to Father. They still keep in touch, and she is the only one of Ven's family he is still in contact with.
    • Noumea - Evendur is in love with her.

[edit] Other Important Individuals

[edit] Family

  • Lord Orbos Husteem: Evendur's Father. A stern figure who showed Ven little in the way of love growing up.
  • Orlpar Husteem: Evendur's Uncle. He has tormented Ven for most of his life. When Evendur became serious about magic, his uncle began threating to apprentice him to Maaril, once going so far as to bring a dress in Evendur's size. To be fair Evendur had a bad tendency to insult his uncle right back.
  • Ilbrost Mythyl. Cleric of Mystra. Evendur's Mentor.
  • Alyra Evendur's sister. She is the only one of Ven's family that the is still in regular contact with. While they were growing up they would cover for each other to prevent either one fromgetting into too much trouble with father. They are still close, and Evendur visits with her at least once a tenday.
  • Audyna Husteem Evendur's Aunt. When Ven had truly angered his father, she was placed in charge of his punishment.

[edit] Friend and Acquaintances

Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun
Carina Ruldegost
Carina is a beautiful woman, with deep raven hair, and an exquisite taste in fashion. Carina is well known as one of the young rising luminaries of the social circuit. She has a sarcastic wit that she freely uses on her rivals in the Waterdeep social scene. She is the youngest sister of the house Matriarch, Kara.

Carina was romantically involved with Evendur, they had even talked about seeking their respective houses permission to make a more formal alliance. When he joined the Temple of Mystra as an initiate, and ceased to be Heir to House Husteem, she broke off their relationship. Evendur was deeply hurt by this, and believes that she was more interested in his potential position then himself.

Aelandelia Swiftleaf
Ryany Wavesilver
Ryany is Evendur's closest childhood friend. While growing up, Evendur would commonly spend as much time as he could at the Wavesilver Estate. He is now serving as a junior officer on one of his family ships. When he is back in Waterdeep he and Evendur always go out drinking at least once.
Dran Wands
Reso Ruldegost
Athletic, Charismatic, and quick of wit, Reso is Carina's older brother. He is 25 years old and a member of a local adventuring company. His family expects that he will eventually settle down to the family business, after a few years of being sowing his wild oats. Evendur has always admired Reso,

[edit] Projects and/or Downtime

  • Evendur is going to begin Researching Undermountain. He is looking for any information he can find on layout, dangers and history. Initially he is focusing on the upper levels, the spell weirs, and Skullport. He will use the following resources while he does so.
    • He is going to start by combing Khelben's available library.
    • He will then move onto the House of Wonder's Library.
    • Eventually, Evendur will start going through whatever he can get access to in the basement records room in the Blackstaff tower.
    • He will also talk to patron's of the Yawning Portal, in particular buying drinks for the Deep Delvers and other adventurers.

[edit] Experience Points

Earned: 3,620 XP Next: 6500

  • Chargen: Rolls + bonus feat (Loremaster)
  • Session 1.20.14: 20 XP
  • Session 1.27.14: 115 XP
  • Session 2.3.14: 150 XP
  • Session 2.17.14: 40 XP
  • Session 2.24.14: 207 XP
  • Session 3.3.14: 215 XP
  • Session 3.10.14: 160 XP
  • Session 3.17.14: 128 XP
  • Session 3.24.14: 75 XP
  • Session 3.31.14: 25 XP
  • Session 5.12.14: 40 XP
  • Session 5.19.14: 200 XP
  • Session 5.26.14: 450 XP
  • Session 6.9.14: 300 XP
  • Session 6.30.14: Bumped to 2400 XP
  • Session 7.14.14: 100 XP
  • Session 7.21.14: 390 XP
  • Session 8.3.14: 280 XP
  • Session 8.11.14: 450 XP
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