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[edit] Personality Traits

  • I hold myself and anyone I work with to extremely high standards.
  • I’m always looking to improve efficiency.

[edit] Ideals

  • Discovery. I want to learn all I can, both for my house and for my own curiosity.

[edit] Bonds

  • I am determined to impress the leaders of my house, and to become a leader myself.
  • My house is my family, and I would do anything for my family.

[edit] Flaws

  • I’m working for a hidden faction in my house that gives me secret assignments.

[edit] Regrets


[edit] Contacts

  • x
  • x

[edit] Resources

  • Coins: x cp • x sp • x ep • x gp • x pp • Other coins: x
  • Gems: x

[edit] Magic Items

  • x

[edit] Equipment

[edit] Carried Equipment

  • In Hand: x
  • Worn: x
  • Belt: x
  • Backpack: x

[edit] Stored Equipment

  • x

[edit] Lifestyle

  • xxx: (x gp/day). x

[edit] Origin/Backstory

  • x

[edit] Important Individuals

  • x
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