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Getting out of Redmond is a fairly simple task - for those who have SINs.

[edit] Checkpoints

Checkpoints are manned by 4 Lone Star officers, plus a single Force 4 spirit under the command of a duty mage in a central location.

  • Note that they only stop and scan those who are leaving Redmond.
  • Those entering are glanced at by the officers on duty, and waved through.
  • SINs are scanned at the Touristville checkpoints, using a Scanner 2 (roll 4 dice, must exceed rating of SIN to detect as false, equal to rating flags as "strange").

[edit] Smuggling Out

Cairo can get someone to smuggle them out in relatively quick order, if they need it.

  • For 300¥, a Chinese delivery driver named Hsia will secret up to three of them among the goods she is transporting.
  • She'll charge another 100¥ per extra body she moves, to a maximum of six bodies.

[edit] Scaling the Wall

It is also possible to find spots where the wall can be scaled. The wall is an average of 15 meters in height. Climbing the wall is a Gymnastics + Strength test [Physical], with a -2 penalty due to the surface of the wall.

  • Studying any given area of the Wall shows that there is a drone patrol that buzzes both sides of it every five minutes or so.
    • Since the drones have long distance scanning, the minute on either side of this window means the drone has a chance of seeing those climbing.
    • An appropriate Street Knowledge test (3) reveals the whereabouts of some stretches with longer buzz-times, at +1 minute per net hit.

[edit] Modifiers

  • Assisted Climbing uses climbing gear (200¥), and gains a dice pool bonus of +2. Climbing up gains 1 meter of movement per hit (15 total hits), and climbing down is 20 meters + 1 meter per hit (1 hit is sufficient to get down).
  • Grapple Gun Climbing uses a grapple gun (500¥, 8R) with either Microwire (50¥ per 100m, 4) or Standard Rope (50¥ per 100m). This requires only a single hit to climb up or down.
  • Unassisted Climbing is free-hand. Climbing up gains 1 meter per 2 hits (30 total hits), and down is 1 meter per hit (15 total hits).
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