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The guests at Heinrich's funeral.

[edit] Family

Maylephia, Heinrich's adoptive aunt Whorbi Worldthrone, a Harper wizard and
friend of the family

[edit] Dusken Glade

Denabria & Zavelinda, fellow Harpers and friends

[edit] Harpers

Lady Remallia Haventree, noblewoman and
Bright Candle for Waterdeep Harpers
Melila, a wandering Harper Eldroth Karn, local Harper trainer
Fendus Bern, a Harper spy Tam Zawad, a Harper merchant
and Sel√Ľnite priest

[edit] Griffins

Whiteveil, pitboss for the
Griffin fighting pit
Grother, a Griffin lieutenant Himorn Thuxin, dragonborn
pit champion

[edit] Neighbors

Archibald & Mogrusk Strongjaw, drinking pals
and owners of local bookshop
Luchezga, a "frenemy"
from the pits
Abbot Alget, abbot
of Monastery of the Sun
Shierra & Shyrrel Elbor, sisters
and Heinrich's landladies

[edit] Other Friends

Redmantle, the wandering mage and
ally of Denabria and Zavelinda's
Rook, a stranger Arddeth Derlyn, a stranger
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