Heroes' Rest

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The Heroes' Rest (also nicknamed "the Cold Comfort" by some of the adventuring bands who've stayed in its halls in winters past) is a rental villa owned by House Melshimber. It is well-regarded for its sumptuous amenities and plenty of rooms, although as its name suggests, it could probably use a few more hearths.

First Floor

  • Grand Hall (between staircases)
  • Servant Rooms
  • Dining Hall
  • Office/Study
  • Library
  • Conservatory
  • Lounge

Second Floor

  • Household Suites
  • Master's Suite: Bedroom, Sitting Room, Dressing Room, Bath, Valet's Chambers
  • Other Suites: Bedroom, Dressing Room, Bath

Third Floor

  • Rooftop Garden
  • Master Suite
  • Guest Suites