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Generations ago, this three-story building was constructed to serve as House Husteem's business offices, where those interested in renting land or mercenaries from the Husteems might come to talk business. It was furnished opulently, providing furnishings to those rich clients who came from afar, allowing the Husteems to wine and dine them in style. Now that the Husteems maintain an officer whose job is to seek out the clients instead of waiting for clients to come to them, the Deeds House is given over to the heads of other family lines who have contributed strongly to the family's fortunes: in the current case, to the sister of the patriarch and her family.

Floor One

  • Entrance, with Porte Cochere: Covered entrance, just wide enough for a carriage to park under the entry and allow passengers to disembark without ever being exposed to the rain or snow.
  • Entry Hall: Large entryway hall, with a massive antique rug and chandelier hanging overhead. Arched doorways opposite one another lead to clerk offices and salons. A grand staircase rises opposite the entry, and a "tunnel" through the center of it leads to the back part of the house.
  • Clerk Offices: A series of small offices, ten foot on a side, where the House's clerks used to operate out of. A door to a set of jakes is at the far end of the hall.
  • Salons: A pair of larger salons, where clients were once kept waiting. A door to a set of jakes is at the far end of the hall.
  • Master's Office: A massive, formal office with a corner hearth, usually set aside for the master of the house. Several Spell books have been brought in to store Evendur's spell books and the start of his Library.
    • Permanent Defenses: Arcane Locks on Doors and both windows.
    • Temporary Defenses: Alarm spell on the room set to activate silently if anyone but Evendur enters.
  • Kitchens: Large kitchens, with a small triangular pantry in one corner, and a set of servants' stairs up to the servants' quarters on the second floor. It has a large cooking hearth, and a small door to the alley outside.
  • Dining Room: A very large and formal dining room, with a corner hearth.
  • Library: A fair-sized library, with a corner hearth.

Floor Two

  • Guest Rooms: Four guest rooms, each with corner hearths.
  • Guest Baths: Guests have two bath chambers, each of which opens onto a changing chamber, with arched doorways into the actual bathing chambers, with corner hearths.
  • Servant Quarters & Bath: The portion of the house above the kitchens has four smaller rooms for servants of prestige sufficient to warrant them having their own rooms. There is a small "common room", including a large cooking hearth, and stairs that rise up to the servants' garret on the third floor.

Floor Three

  • Master's Suite: This set of rooms includes a study, bedroom, dressing room and wardrobe, and has an open doorway to the bath shared with the lady's suite. It also boasts a set of double doors that lead to the boudoir.
  • Lady's Suite: The lady's suite has a dressing room and wardrobe, bedroom, and an open doorway to the shared bath chamber, plus a set of double doors to the boudoir between the lady's suite and the master's.
  • Boudoir & Shared Bath: Between the master's and lady's suites are a shared bath off of both of their dressing rooms, and a private boudoir.
  • Nursery: The nursery opens from the stairs up to a playroom where the children learn and play, a large L-shaped nursery room with cribs and beds for smaller children, two doors that lead to small private rooms for older children, a bathing chamber, and a nanny's quarters.
  • Attic Storage: A large central room, with several generations worth of old furniture and the occasional chest or crate of random possessions.
  • Servants' Garret: A large upstairs space with cots set up in case the house sees an overflow of servants. It is mostly used as storage space for household goods the servants use extensively, as well as strung up laundry drying.

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