Independant Society of Antiquaries

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A D&D 5th Edition campaign

New Recruit - "Independant Society of Antiquaries...why is 'Independent' spelled wrong?"

ISA Agent - "Well, it was misspelled by our founder, King Bill when he began the order. By the time it had been noticed or brought to anyone's attention,
it had already been registered with the Dygannia Alliance Adventurers Guild and a whole slew of monogrammed nameplates, folios and coasters had been made.
So, the King decided to just stick with it. No one argued. He was King!
Welcome to our Society! Here, have a collectible ISA coaster."

[edit] The Lost & the Found

[edit] Game Pages

[edit] Malixia City Districts

  • Candle District: Information about the services, government buildings, and residents of the Candle District.
    • The Nakaltian Scriptorum: Formerly an opulent manor house, the Scriptorum was ceded to the dwarven delegation from Nakaltia, who have since done significant work in refurbishing parts of it (notably the ground and first floors). Because they are largely scholars, scriveners, and a variety of useful crafts-dwarves, much of the space now operates as a library, scriptorum, and workshops.

[edit] Maps

Manix, Year 626 AF Hex Map
Manix, Year 626 AF Hex Map
Malixia Regional Map
Malixia Regional Map
 Malixia City
Malixia City
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