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Jack, Being the Tale of Jack, and his Diverſe Adventureſ and Several Nameſ


Known he variously as Jack of the Tales, Jack the Mouser, Running Jack

~ and anon as ~

Jack Scratch, Wandering Jack, Spring-Heeled Jack, and Stingy Jack

q.v. Jack and the Raven King

Jack was a carefree wanderer of the tales, until one fateful con game landed him the Devil's job.

Thinking he had gotten the better end of a Faustian bargain, the scope of Jack's pranks and cons grew until his imprisonment.

[edit] Aspects

The Devil at the Crossroads (High Concept)

Jack knows exactly what you want, and he can make it happen, for a price.

Jack of the Tales (Low Concept)

Earlier times were more happy-go-lucky times. Jack hesitates to reach his pre-prison notoriety.

Double or Nothing (Trouble)

Jack had enough trouble turning down a bet or a bargain before; Now it's second nature to accept any such challenge.

Favor for the Raven King Jack owes Corby for saving his skin - although he debates the deatils.

Might allow Corby to push Jack around a bit. Might encourage Corby to keep Jack around -- for good or ill. Doesn't apply in instances outside their relationship - except for conflicts with other bargains!

Ramblin' Man Jack has fooled countless victims over time -- including scamming Helhet's kingdom out of a small fortune. Explains Jack's various caches of goods and bolt-holes. Begs trouble running into people he's crossed before. He gets itchy and wants to keep moving. Since Jack moves around, most new encounters can be clean slates where previous relationships don't apply.

Not Everybody is Out to Get Me Jack finally got cornered by Riddle - and nothing happened! Can help Jack trust people, which could help or hinder him.

[edit] Skills

  • Great (+4): Deceive
  • Good (+3): Provoke, Contacts
  • Fair (+2): Resources, Empathy, Athletics
  • Average (+1): Travel, Rapport, Stealth, Will

[edit] Stress

  • Physical 2
  • Mental 3

And, really, why are these things written in the third person, he asked.

[edit] Stunts

Devil-May-Care (Costs 1 Fate Point) Jack's ridiculous tendency to get out of scrapes. Convert physical damage to social. (An enemy takes a swing at Jack but he falls harmlessly into mud; a fireball doesn't damage him but singes his hair, etc.)

Future buff: Devil's Own Luck additionally convert damage Jack inflicts or witnesses someone inflict

Hell Doesn't Want Me (1 Fate point) Jack may not always get the upper hand but his opponents never forget him. If Jack concedes, allow him to put a condition on his opponent even in defeat, which applies to a future encounter.

Future buff: God's Afraid I'll Take Over Jack can come out of a conflict smelling like a rose - for a little while. Jack can delay the consequences of a defeat

Devil's Bargain When closing a deal, hex them when they sign. If they renege, they suffer a mild Consequence of Jack's choosing. Spend a Fate point to bump to Moderate 2 to Severe 3 to Extreme

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