Jelzar's Stride

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Map Key
  • 1: Pankratium Triumphant (Gymnasium & Spa; B,3)
  • 2: The Gladiator's Blade (Tavern; B,2)
  • 3: The House of Heroes (Temple (Tempus); A,3)
The Gem of the North
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  • Pankratium Triumphant (1): A gymnasium, bathhouse and spa build of impressive Chessentan-style marble and pillars, the Pankratium employs some of the finest fighters to train their patrons in wrestling, fisticuffs and similar arts. Only nobles may become members here, though they may bring guests with them when they attend. There is a small core of dedicated fighters and wrestlers, many of whom train for events at the Field of Triumph. The rest of them are nobles who are simply here for the exercise, the socialization of the baths, or the relaxation from the body-servants employed by the establishment.



  • The Gladiator's Blade (2): A tavern that claims a long legacy of existence all the way back to the days when death-sports were a part of the Field of Triumph's offerings. The wall behind the bar is a mass of old weapons and pieces of armor, trophies from some of the finest champions of the Field, many of whom enjoyed the drinks this place had to offer before and after bouts. It is still a favored place for many of the fighters and athletes from the Field or surrounding gymnasia.


  • The House of Heroes (3): Temple to Tempus.

City Buildings

  • The Field of Triumph: The vast, open stadium that plays host to gladitorial combats, illusion and spell exhibitions, horse races, and other public gatherings. It is well-known for its Lion Gate, an awe-inspiring craved grand entrance in the shape of a roaring lion, with entrants passing into its open maw.