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Kaffe is a great place to sit down and have a chat with someone, whether meeting someone for the first time, or having a serious talk with an old friend.
• Gain an extra roll, regardless of Interval, in an ongoing Social Maneuver. This can only be used once per Maneuver.
Manager: Henri Wahlman
Baristas: Lena Wahlman
Regular Patrons: Dr. Elaine Litchfield, Stella Jalo, Joseph Nadir, Vanya Simonson, Avery Wendley, Zane Connley, Steve Yeager, Kindra Eklund
Occasional Patrons: Renee McDonnall, Linda Dennison, Mitch Simpson, Adrien Kolstov

A small coffee shop set up by the Finnish Brotherhood of Astoria, Kaffe is the coffee shop that is closest to the university. As a result, it sees a lot of students in and out of it all day and even all night - after the first six months of its operation, the owners decided to turn it into an all-night place where students could comfortably study with bottomless mugs of simple black coffee. It's a pretty common stop-off for students on the way home from Crossroads. Though they don't serve full breakfasts, they do offer a case of baked goods to go with the coffee.

[edit] Layout

Kaffe is a fairly standard non-Starbuck's coffee shop. It has a large open area with a number of four-chair tables situated fairly tightly together, with a large open bar and display case facing it. Below that is a small nook which is furnished with comfortable overstuffed chairs, sofas and loveseats, with small end-tables next to them for those who are here for the long haul or just for a comfortable chat. There is also a fireplace that blazes merrily from late autumn through early spring.

[edit] Bad Moon Over Astoria

  • Season One: Though an occasional hang-out for many of the characters, Kaffe soon fell out of favor after they discovered that as werewolves they could no longer tolerate the caffeine in the cafe's brew.
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