Magefaire 1354 Cluster A

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Eldithra, Fortune-Teller (A1)

Fortune Teller

  • Eldithra is a dark-skinned woman who claims to be Rashemi
  • Reads palms (5gp) and drips of blood in vessels of water (10gp)

Marcosa & Belman & Ilidar, Rare Spells (A2)

Spell Monographs

  • A tent that appears to be wrought of silk, across which ripples flames of many colors, coalescing and twisting and transforming.
  • Their tent actually contains a portal which connects to the Halruaan skyship in the clouds high above that the Halruaans use as their "shop."
  • A trio of Halruaan businessmen-magi who specialize in securing copies of unique and rare spells from mages in Halruaa and abroad, and selling them in bulk.
  • Spell Monographs: Their monographs are all on fine parchment, with good white leather covers, which is embossed with the heraldry of the nation of Halruaa.
    • Arcane Sensitivity (Divination 1st • 4 pages, 50 gp): Divine whether a touched target is capable of casting arcane spells. (SS)
    • Darsson's cooling breeze (Evocation 1st •  8 pages, 45 gp): Less powerful but longer lasting gust of wind, intended to provide cool breezes. (SS)
    • Sea Legs (Transmutation 1st • 8 pages, 45 gp): Target creature can maneuver easily while on a ship. (SS)
    • Darsson's Chilling Chamber (Evocation 2nd • 12 pages, 70 gp): Lower temperature in area extreme cold. (SS)
    • Darsson's Fiery Furnace (Evocation 2nd • 10 pages, 70 gp): Raise temperature in area to extreme heat. (SS)
    • Dispel Fog (Abjuration 2nd • 8 pages, 75 gp): Cancels natural and magical fogs in affected area. (SS)
    • Sun Bolt (Evocation 2nd • 8 pages, 85 gp): Ray deals fire and radiant damage, more against undead, may blind target. (SS)
    • Brittleskin (Transmutation 3rd • 12 pages, 110 gp): Target's natural armor becomes brittle, causing weapon attacks against it to inflict more damage. (SS)
    • Rockburst (Evocation 3rd • 14 pages, 125 gp): Cause stone object to explode, dealing piercing damage in shrapnel to those in area. (SS)
    • Scintillating sphere (Evocation 3rd • 14 pages, 125 gp): As fireball, but inflicting lightning damage.
    • Darsson's Potion (Transmutation 4th • 16 pages, 200 gp): Transform water in a flask into a potion that must be consumed within duration. (MoF)
    • Lightning Fog (Conjuration 4th • 16 pages, 185 gp): Create fog that deals lightning damage. (SS)
    • Ramael's cyclical light (Transmutation 4th • 16 pages, 175 gp): Creates permanent illumination that grows as ambient light declines, and diminishes as ambient light increases.
    • Suspension (Transmutation 4th • 10 pages, 170 gp): Touched object floats in the air at your direction, remaining in place for days. (SS)
    • Daltim's Fiery Tentacles (Conjuration 5th • 14 pages, 225 gp): As Evard's black tentacles, but targets in area also take fire damage. (SS)
    • Darsson's music box (Enchantment 5th • 18 pages, 185 gp): Permanently enchants an inanimate object to play a song or message back with a spoken command or when visual triggers in environment are fulfilled.
    • Ring of disintegration (Transmutation 6th • 18 pages, 300 gp): Creates sphere that causes grievous damage and loss of appendage.
    • Shuffle (Conjuration 6th • 20 pages, 350 gp): Subjects can teleport short distances as move actions. (SS)
    • Nerve dance (Necromancy 7th • 20 pages, 400 gp): Creates red "ribbons" to strike foes, inflicting grievous damage and sending them into convulsions.

The Host Tower of the Arcane (A3)

Mage's Guild and Academy • Luskan

  • A purple-and-maroon tent, surmounted by an elaborate illusion depicting the Host Tower of the Arcane, a tower that resembles nothing so much as a tree with four great forking branches, each of which is a tower.
  • Visitors are greeted by one of several wizards, who explain the benefits of membership, which include training at the Arcane Brotherhood's academy, membership in its guild, and shares in the Arcane Brotherhood's mercantile efforts.
  • Visitors are also treated to a tour of the magnificent mansion cast on one end of the tent, which is designed to show off the living quarters (each apprentice receives a personal chamber, alchemical lab and meditation chamber, and full members receive entire multi-room suites), as well as some of the major resources of the Host Tower, such as its massive library, the great feasting hall, and the like.

The Magical Beemother (A4)

Waxen Goods

  • A wide, fat tent decorated in gold and black hexagons, making it look like nothing so much as a particularly fat beehive. Which was apparently the intention, given the swarm of ridiculously large, adorable-faced bees that buzz lazily around its roof. A sign hangs over the open doorway ("THE MAGICAL BEEMOTHER" it proclaims), and the smell of honey wafts from inside.
  • The interior of the tent is lit by lovely-smelling beeswax candles, and there are a pair of attendants wearing interestingly-wrought spell component pouches, showing off their contents. A buxom, matronly woman wanders from person to person, offering her advice and assistance. One wall holds myriad glass jars full of little balls of beeswax, interspersed with beeswax candles of every imaginable size.
  • Products: The Magical Beesmother produces two main products:
    • Spell Component Pouches (28gp): Each pouch holds a number of magically-neutral balls of beeswax that contain the ingredients used to cast spells, with a supply of beeswax and instructions for making more of them. These little balls allow for quick retrieval and identification of magical item components. (No mechanical difference from normal spell component pouch)
    • Beeswax Candles, unscented (1sp per dz tapers • 5sp for 6 pillars): An excellent source for long-lasting, steady light, producing very little soot. They are also magically neutral, so they will not affect ongoing magical operations, rituals or religious rites in any way.
    • Beeswax Candles, scented (1gp per dz tapers • 5gp for 6 pillars): As the above, but dyed pleasant colors and finely scented with any of the following scents: wildflower, lavender, sage, rose, rosemary, bay, cedar, juniper.
    • Everburning Candles (65gp): Candles that are magically enchanted using the continual flame spell, with carved designs and small brass bases into which they can be set. They also come with little brass caps that can be used to cover the flame to darken it. They smell pleasantly of melting beeswax.

The Writings of Jyoraenon Stalzin (A5)

  • A modest booth-tent, the front of which is a glass case displaying a selection of finely-made tomes. The cloth of the tent itself is a pleasant lemon yellow color, with deep green accents.
  • Within, the elderly man seated at the desk appears quite genial, chatting amicably with passers-by and his neighbors.
  • Works: The works of Jyoraenon Stalzin might kindly be referred to as conspiracy theory, though his critics prefer to sling about such terms as "crackpot nonsense." Though his ideas are a bit mad, he does painstakingly examine some elements of historical events - his evidences are insightful, even if his conclusions are not.
    • The Dragon Inns of the Heartlands, by Jyoraenon Stalzin, 45 gp.
    • The Dopplegangers of the Purple Dragon, by Jyoraenon Stalzin, 55 gp.
    • The Bifurcated God, by Jyoraenon Stalzin, 60 gp.
    • The Fungal Infestations of Tethyr, by Jyoraenon Stalzin, 50 gp.

The Aulde Grimoire (A6)

Spell Monographs

  • The outside of the tent is a U-shaped counter, with long poles to which the tent behind it is attached. A sign that advertises it as "The Aulde Grimoire" hangs above it, written in Thorass and flanked by a stylized book with a wand lying across it as a page marker.
  • The inside of the tent is cordoned off, giving the proprietors space to escape the bustle of the faire.
  • The pleasant proprietor is a pleasant blond-haired man with twinkling blue eyes and very simple robes; his assistant is a young halfling lad. They are from a shop to be found in Hillsfar that has shifted its stock here for the three days of the faire.
  • Spell Monographs: Focus on low-level, very traditional spells, with spell monographs on plain parchment, covered in paperboard with the logo of the Aulde Grimoire (an opened book, with a wand lying across it as a page marker) on the front in blue ink.
    • PHB Cantrips: 20 gp per monograph (8 pg)
    • PHB 1st Level: 45 gp per monograph (16 pg)
    • PHB 2nd Level: 80 gp per monograph (16 pg)
    • PHB 3rd Level: 120 gp per monograph (16 pg

Sherra's Looking Glass (A7)

  • This tent is a tall, white-and-gold brocade. A long pair of mirrors hang on either side of the entry flap, and a gold-painted sign above it declares it "Sherra's Looking Glass."
  • The interior of the tent is well-lit and features a handful of podia, each with a mirror on the tent wall behind it. On each podium is a small selection of various cosmetics.
  • Alchemical Wares & Recipes:
    • alchemical cosmetics kit (25gp per kit)
    • Sherra's masterful cosmetics (Unique; 150gp, 100 uses, grants a +1 to Persuasion or Deception for 8 hours)
    • hair dye (1gp per packet, in honey blonde, bone white, jet black, sorceress silver, rich copper, blood red, royal purple and dryad's green)
    • scar and blemish remover ointment (1gp per jar)
    • hair growth tonic (1gp per bottle)
    • Sherra's eye tint (Unique; 20gp per bottle, 20 uses, available in blue, green, hazel, black, storm-grey, amber, purple, and all-white)
    • wrinkle remover ointment (2gp per jar)
    • skin dye ointment (10gp per jar, in Illuskan pale, Tethyrian olive, Turman ebon, drow jet, sun elf golden, orcish green, and mind flayer mauve)
  • Magical Wares: philter of love (185gp), potion of longevity (11,500gp)

Dunilaw, Bonded Scrivener (A8)

Bonded Scrivener

  • Pleasant half-elven man with a neat, tight, very legibile hand
  • Charges 30gp per spell level to be scribed, but does not provide books