Magefaire 1354 Cluster E

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High House of Magic (E1)

Mage's Guild • Ravens Bluff

  • An impressively tall tent whose tentpoles and entry archway are made of black wrought iron. The tent itself is deep blue and black, and flies the raven sigil of Ravens Bluff. Within the tent is a portal to a magnificent mansion, crafted after the main areas of the guild hall, meant to show off the guild's amenities to members.

Inundal & Ramfrey (E2)


  • A pair of handsome wizard brothers.
  • Inundal Elodus is clean-shaven, with blonde hair and a lithe, thin build. He specializes in enchantments, particularly those which magically create intense emotions in his clients.
  • Ramfrey Elodus is the older brother, a dark haired, goateed man with a thick, muscular build. He specializes in conjurations, delighting his customers with otherworldly entities and strange sensations.
  • Both men charge 50gp per hour, or 300gp for an overnight.

The Witch's Kitchen (E3)

Rashemi Provender

  • A simple open tent, with a little old lady seated in a rocking chair beside its open doorway. She is knitting, with a small cup of steaming tea on the table next to her. She wears richly colored clothing in the Rashemi style, and greets those who draw near with a "Are you hungry for a good home-cooked meal, my dear? Fine soups and roasts wait within. Go on in - just say 'Like granny makes' as you walk through!"
  • Those who do just that are wisked away to the Mordenkainen's magnificent mansion that has been formed into a fine restaurant within. The food is not a magical creation of the spell, however - it comes out of the ample kitchen of the small group of Rashemi cooks who bustle about, serving food and drink of different sorts to different tables.
  • Seated in the balcony above the massive hall is one of the witches of Rashemar, wearing the strange wooden masks of their kind. Occasionally, someone will speak to the burly man at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the balcony, only to be turned away or allowed up to speak with her.
    • Squalid (1sp): A very simple soup of pureed beets and beef stock, served at room temperature, with a small pile of hard-baked, salt-and-herb crackers and wedges of plain white cheese to dip into it. Comes with a mug of steaming tea and a plain black ale.
    • Poor (2sp): A rich vegetable and venison stew, piping hot, with a latticework of melted cheese over the top of it, served in a hollowed out half of a roundloaf, with the other half of the loaf and the interior of the bowl half served with a small pot of melted cheese. A rich foamy beer comes with it, as well as a mug of steaming tea.
    • Modest (1gp): A half of a roast chicken, drenched in herbal butters as it roasted, and served on a plate of stock-boiled grains with small pieces of carrots and rutabaga cooked with it. A small platter of honeyed fruit, cheese, and nuts is served along with it, and a small platter of squishy, steaming rolls filled with cheese and bits of sausage beside it. Rich, foamy beer-like cider comes with the meal, as well as a mug of steaming tea.
    • Comfortable (2gp): A fine honeyed venison roast, with whole sprigs of rosemary pinned to it and roasted along with it. There is also a salad of wild greens, cinnamon-spiced nuts, and a tart, green herbal oil dressing served alongside it, as well as a half loaf of dark, bittersweet wheat bread with herbed butter and cinnamon honey. Dessert is a small round of spice cake, the frosting on the covered dish revealing one's fortune when it is presented! Rich foamy cider and a smallcup of vodka come with the meal, as well as a steaming mug of tea.

Sembra Erlane (E4)


  • This is an open-fronted tent, with a long table where folk can walk up to and chat with the wild-bearded man standing behind it. The interior of the tent - which is inaccessible to visitors - has rows and rows of fine ceramic vials in many colors set up in racks.
  • Alchemical Wares: Sembra's wares are sold in brightly colored ceramic vials.
    • Aqua salutem (35gp, white), astutive elixir (42gp, green), cognitive elixir (42gp, yellow), fascinative elixir (42gp, blue), invigorative elixir (42gp, red), reflexitive elixir (42gp, orange)
    • Darkeye oil (12gp, black), silver treatment (42gp, silver)
  • Alchemical Recipes: Aqua salutem (300gp), astutive elixir (250gp), cognitive elixir (250gp), fascinative elixir (250gp), invigorative elixir (250gp), reflexitive elixir (250gp)

Malemorth's Many & Varied Beers (E5)

Beers & Ales Provender

  • A pavilion tent, with a long bar within, and various standing tuns of myriad brews. They will allow someone to take a small test who expresses and interest, and fill the cups, mugs, and horns their customers bring with them for a very reasonable price. They also sell great pewter steins for customers to walk away with.
    • Poor (2sp): Dragon's Breath Beer, a strong, harsh brew • Arabellan Bitter Black, a fine dark stout that is jet black with a head of dark brown foam
    • Modest (1gp): Purple Dragon Ale, the household ale brewed for the King of Cormyr's household • Shadowdark Ale, a fine light beer with a lightly nutty, bitter taste • Luiren's Best, an ink-black thick stout from Luiren

Eldigander's Fine Alchemical Wares (E6)

Alchemical Goods

  • The outside of this black-fading-to-grey tent is fairly drab and unremarkable. Only a simple sign staked to the ground beside the entrance announces its name.
  • Within is a wondrous array of glass bottles, copper piping, and all manner of similar accouterments. A cranky old woman, with a corn-cob pipe, and a thin dress that is fraying at the edges, sits on a stool within. Two younger men - both with the scars of craftsmen to their hands - run about as she orders them, picking up and wrapping parcels for customers.
  • Wares: Eldigander's does not sell alchemical concoctions - they sell the tools and materials used by alchemists to create them.
    • Alchemist's Supplies kit (x gp)
    • Lab Equipment: Basic lab (500gp) • Additional Materials (100gp/slot) • Athanor (30gp) • Lesser Alembic (50gp) • Greater Alembic (75gp) • Metallurgical Crucible (150gp)
    • Recipes, Uncommon (40gp): acid, alchemist's fire, alchemical ink (colors - white, blue, red, yellow, orange, purple, green, brown, gray), alchemical ink (metallics - gold, silver, copper, bronze, brass, pewter, blueshine), blazebane, campstone, cleansewater, darkeye oil, gruel pellet, hair growth tonic, silver treatment, sleep gas, spark gravel, sunrod, tanglefoot
    • Recipes, Rare (600gp): alchemical copper, alchemical lead, alchemical salt, dazzler, frostvial, merstone, smokestick (ratsbane), spell inks, storm salve, thunderstone
    • Recipes, Very Rare (2500gp): alchemical silver, smokestick (witchweed)
    • Alchemical Materials

The Unique Works of Ydalaw the Magus (E7)

Spell Monographs

  • A neat, clean tent of pale grey and deep green, with a simple table at its outer edge. Behind this table sits Ydalaw, in his Azuthan vestments.
  • He is very upfront that he makes 20 gp for each monograph above its creation price, and all of those funds go to the furthering of his collection archiving rare and unique spells.
  • Spell Monographs: His monographs are all set up with simple scrapstitch covers, and a small inner title page that has the name of the spell along the top, his mage sigil, and the words "Unique Works of Ydalaw the Magus" along the bottom, and what year it was purchased in under that. He offers a different assortment of spells each year.
    • Igedrazaar's Miasma (Conjuration 2nd • 6 pages, 75 gp): Conjures a foul, choking fog.
    • Mestil's Acid Breath (Conjuration 3rd • 14 pages, 103 gp): Caster breathes a cone of acidic droplets.
    • Mestil's Acid Sheath (Conjuration 5th • 14 pages, 153 gp): Caster wraps himself in a sheath of fluid acid that damages objects and creatures that touch him.
    • Fire Spiders (Conjuration 6th • 14 pages, 178 gp): Summons a swarm of tiny fire elementals in the shape of spiders
    • Zajimarn's Ice Claw Prison (Evocation 7th • 16 pages, 203 gp): Conjures an icy claw to attempt to grapple enemies.
    • Zajimarn's Field of Icy Razors (Evocation 8th • 24 pages, 231 gp): Fills an area with razor-sharp ice crystals.
    • Zajimarn's Avalanche (Conjuration 9th • 22 pages, 256 gp): Conjures a powerful sweeping wave of ice and snow, crashing through everything in its path.