Magefaire 1354 Cluster G

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Thalyn Dzantin, Publisher (G1)

Tome Seller

  • A dark chocolate brown tent, its roofing edges hung with brassy-looking tassles and small wind chimes. Standing out in front of it at all hours of the day is a young man or woman, holding a book, reading from portions of it in order to entice passersby.
  • The interior of the tent is well-lit by a continual light lantern that hangs from the center of the tent's roof. Around the tent are scattered standing shelves, with space on both sides for books, and the copies of the works Dzantin offers.
  • Works: Dzantin's works are "second source" publishings - the canny Tethyrian publisher made his fortune finding good books and gaining permission to reprint them for sale further afield than their original publisher could manage.
    • A Merchant Master's Life, by Asargrym of Baldur's Gate. 30 gp.
    • Annals of the Helmstar Company, by Anonymous. 40 gp.
    • Bibliamagus, by Thelonn Bedelzar of Crimmor. 80 gp.
    • Dolorous Days in Daerlûn: My Exile from Cormyr, by Jalduth Mimbraer. 35 gp.
    • Folk of Renown, by Galsgert Himlothrith, scribe of Iriaebor. 60 gp.
    • Just Another Tome Among So Many: Last Leaves of a Librarian, by Beldrim Bessart of Baldur's Gate. 65 gp.
    • Life Beneath the Sails, by Anonymous (from Inner Sea lands). 80 gp.
    • The Magics of the South, by Zatan Arrowswift, Herald of Athkatla. 150 gp.
    • Memoirs of an Illithid-Human Crossbreed, by Naneetha Shinalstar, War Mage of Saelmur. 70 gp.
    • One Warrior's Life, by Azlundar, Lion of Neverwinter. 85 gp.
    • Secrets Learnt at Dagger Point, by Khollas Tandrymson of Myratma. 55 gp.
    • To Master Cold, by Annath of Kurtyl (old hamlet in Amn). 85 gp.
    • Treatise on Good Wifery, by Miriam Buttercake of Ashabenford. 30 gp.
    • Why I'll Never Be a Respected Bard, by Hanjack Thallowblade, "The Farfaring Minstrel." 75 gp.
    • Word to All Wizards, by Melliyechorl Varast, Master Teacher of the Archmages of the Inner Fire. 60 gp.

Ralnek Oberthal (G2)

Spell Monographs

  • A plain tent that clearly used to be white with black accents, but has seen too much use. It is somewhat dingy, though it's obvious someone with a concentrated effort and some bleach has tried to give it a good scrub-down.
  • Inside, a bald, pleasant looking gnome with very long grey moustachios hanging down either side of his face and adorned with silver beads sits in a big papa-san chair. He is a rotund fellow and welcome everyone who enters in his gravelly voice.
  • Small animals run around the tent. A passive Perception (14+) reveals that they aren't living - they're taxidermied animals that have been animated with necromancy! He orders them around, fetching things for him.
  • His chair also has a set of spidery legs that unfold from beneath his seat and let him toddle around the tent handily.
  • Spell Monographs: Ralnek's monographs are plain sewn parchment without covers. The handwriting in them is spidery and erratic, adding half again to the time to learn the spells within.
    • Animate Animals (Necromancy 1st • 8 pages, 45 gp): Animates the corpses of animals.
    • Repair Undead (Necromancy 1st • 10 pages, 35 gp): "Heals" corporeal undead creatures.
    • Bones of Steel (Necromancy 2nd • 10 pages, 65 gp): Turns the bones of undead creatures to steel, strenghtening them.
    • Death Knell (Necromancy 2nd • 8 pages, 60 gp): Slays a dying creature, increasing your power and spellcasting potency.
    • Spectral Hand (Necromancy 2nd • 6 pages, 70 gp): Creates a ghostly hand out of your life force, allowing you to cast touch spells at range.
    • Undead Conduit (Necromancy 3rd • 14 pages, 90 gp): May use a controlled undead as a conduit for casting necromantic spells, casting from the undead.
    • Graft Weapons (Necromancy 4th • 14 pages, 125 gp): Affix weaponry to the limbs of undead, allowing them to wield them with greater aptitude.
    • Wall of Bone (Necromancy 4th • 14 pages, 140 gp): Conjures a wall of bones.

Reagents Rare & Otherwise (G3)

Spell Components

  • A tent selling spell components of all sorts, as well as raw alchemical materials.

The House of Wonder (G4)

Temple to Mystra • Waterdeep

  • A tall purple and white tent, with illusory torches in orbit around its peak.
  • Within is a large antechamber, set with food, drink, and places to rest weary feet, and entry into a holy-of-holies, with a full marble statue of Mystra whose faces shift between her aspects every ten minutes, and a brazier of burning incense. Only one person is allowed in there at a time, unless they request a priest attend them while within.
  • The House contributes to the staff operating the temple in the Old Watchtower.

The Char Pit (G5)


  • Tantalizing, fragrant woodsmoke and the smell of cooking meat wafts from this open pavilion, in the center of which is a bed of coals which are occasionally scooped into one of the four large clay pits where meat is being cooked. Folk mill about and chat with the proprietors - three half-orc brothers, dressed as woodsmen are wont - and one another. All who buy food are welcome to dip their cups into the massive barrel of inexpensive ale kept there.
    • Squalid (1sp): Char-roasted legs of turkey
    • Poor (2sp): Fine-cooked and spice-rubbed ribs • Thin steaks marinated in mead and then char-grilled
    • Modest (1gp): Fine cuts of beef or pork, fire-seared and then smoked for hours, sliced into succulent pieces and served on a trencher

The Maiden's Bower (G6)


  • An herbalist specializing in a lady's needs.

The Silver Star (G7)

Spell Monographs

  • A small tent of a pale faded blue, with silver cording at the edges. It flies the symbol of the House of Mystra, in Harrowdale Town, in the Dalelands. There is a small sign outside, titled "Offerings of the Silver Star", with five spells listed:
    Backlash, to rebound wicked spells upon their caster!
Translocation Trick, to cunningly switch places with friend or foe!
Antimagic Aura, to stand apart from the Weave for a short time!
Spell Engine, which drinks in sorceries!
Alamanther's Return, to mimic any spell you have seen or simply know of!
  • The interior of the tent is set up with a table of goods to purchase on one side, a painting of the modest House of Mystra in Harrowdale on the other side, and a painting of Mystra herself in the back of the tent, with a small table for candles before it, and a cushioned seat for sitting in front of the painting for those who wish to do so.
  • The proprietor tells people about the work of the House of Mystra, and how they seek to find and cultivate the Art in those with the talent throughout the Dalelands, and that the monographs are donated by members of the faithful throughout the Dalelands as a means of providing funds for the temple.
  • Spell Monographs: The monographs are bound in blue paperboard with the symbol of the House of Mystra stamped on the cover, and the name of the spell in flourid handed silver ink across the bottom of the cover.
    • Backlash (Transmutation 4th • 10 pages, 130 gp): Curses a caster to have a spell rebound on him in a specific situation
    • Translocation Trick (Transmutation 6th • 18 pages, 220 gp): Caster and another creature switch places and are cloaked in illusions of one another.
    • Antimagic Aura (Abjuration 7th • 18 pages, 280 gp): Create a field that negates magic around the target.
    • Spell Engine (Abjuration 8th • 22 pages, 420 gp): Creates an engine of magical force that drinks in other spells cast within the engine's range, spinning the engine and shedding light. Preparing spells within the light of the engine costs half the normal time.
    • Alamanther's Return (Transmutation 9th • 20 pages, 600 gp): Duplicates the effects of any spell known or seen, of up to 8th level.

Threentheera Staer (G8)


  • This modest tent is a simple light beige affair, with wide open front. A wooden floor has been laid down inside, necessitating a single step upward. Modest shelves hold a variety of alchemical preparations in bags, jars, and bottles, and in the center of the tent there is a small wood burning stove with multiple pots, the largest of which seems to include a pleasant smelling soup of some kind. The tent as a whole smells of bay and rosemary.
  • Alchemical Wares: Threentheera Staer's work is focused mostly on the household goods of the alchemical trade.
    • Alchemical dye (4gp, in red, blue, green, black, brown, and purple), alchemical glue (common 8gp, moderate 13gp, strong 18gp), alchemical salt (13gp), blazebane (18gp), campstones (8gp for box of 10), cleansewater (4gp), drunkard's head remedy (4gp for 5 packets), froststone (22gp), gruel pellets (18gp), sunrod (5 for 8gp)
    • Alchemical dye, metallic (Very Rare • 20gp • creates dazzling metallic tones)
    • Broth pellets (Very Rare • 35gp for pouch of 20 • as gruel pellets, but creates tasty broth)
    • Soup stone (Very Rare • 40gp • causes boiling water to be nourishing but largely tasteless; meat or vegetables placed in it are purified and rendered safe to eat and enhanced in nourishment; good for 20 uses)
    • Sweeping Powder (Very Rare • 5gp for 10 uses • scrubs floors with very minimal work, and leaves the room smelling pleasant and fresh for a full 24 hours before it begins fading; scents include various herbal scents such as bay, mint, lemon, rue, rose, verbena, and rosemary)

Jaegus of Candlekeep, Sage (G9)

Sage (Dwarven History and the Arcane)

  • Tall, thin man with a fascination for dwarven culture, and long, untrimmed fingernails. He wears dwarven fashions, which look odd when cut for someone as tall and lanky as he is. He also has a bare patch of scruff on his chin and cheeks, the closest he can get to growing a full and proper beard.
  • 70gp per query