Magefaire 1354 Cluster J

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Greycloak Gourmands (J1)


  • Elven cuisine from Evereska, from Modest to Wealthy fares.

Xärn of Candlekeep, Sage (J2)

Sage (History of Magic • Mages in the Realms)

  • Thin, clerk-looking man with half-moon spectacles and a distinguished bearing, and a thin moustache. He is accompanied by a rapid-writing halfling clerk named Gusto, and a quick-reading halfling clerk named Barlteby.
  • 125gp per query

The Elven Garden (J3)


  • An elven herbalist specializing in elven decoctions.

Ryrchvon's Stews (J4)


  • Stews, soups, and broths, from Squalid to Modest fares.

High Forest Woodwinds (J5)

Instrument Maker

  • Wooden Instruments, all wrought from woods taken from the High Forest.

Undrathe's Fine Scrivenings (J6)

Tome Seller

  • A dark stone grey tent with a roof of overlapping green cloth leaves, this tent has a wrought iron curling archway through which one enters, the name of the business picked out in the wrought iron's design.
  • A small tinkling fountain sits in the middle of the tent, providing pleasant noise, and dwarven-wrought shelves stand all around the interior space. A handful of men and women are on hand, all in similar grey-and-green jerkins, ready to offer advice.
  • Works: Undrathe's primary focus is making publicly available translations of works from non-human cultures. Though he has gotten in trouble once or twice with some elven folk who objected to the publishing of some of their ancient works, he by and large has a good reputation for treating the works with respect, and ensuring that the authors (or communities, in the case of books with long-dead authors) are well-compensated for their works. He sells all of his works in Thorass and in their original languages.
    • Wisdom of Leaf & Bough, by Authors Unknown. An elven text on herbal medicines and the secrets of wild plants and herbs. 125gp
    • Secrets of the Winsome Harp, by the legendary elven bard Kymil Harpsong. A text on the techniques for playing the harp, with deep nuances and subtle symbolism. 175 gp
    • The Song of the Triskele, by the Prophetess Nakiasha of Evermeet. An elven holy text on the triune goddess Angharradh, and her aspects of Aerdrie Faenya, Hanali Celanil, and Sehanine Moonbow. 175 gp.
    • Hunter's Blessing, by Solonor Thelandira (recorded by anonymous priests of that deity), a set of holy writings said to have been given directly to priests of the elven god of hunting. 80 gp.
    • The Masterwrought Wonders of Lantannese Clockworkers, by Master Tinker Warmoxol Slathiir, a translation of a core gnomish text for those who pursue the arts of clockwork and tinkering. 120 gp.
    • On the Enstarment of Gemstones, by Authors Unknown. A traditional gnomish text considered the final word in the enstarment of gems. 150 gp.
    • Silverbeard and Brightaxe: A Treatise on the War-Tactics of Fallen Shanatar, by Authors Unknown. An old dwarven text on historical tactics, with a focus on the symbolism of the deities Clangeddin Silverbeard and Haela Brightaxe. 250gp.
    • The Forge of Souls, and Other Tales, by Historian Ildenan. A collection of dwarven myths and legends. 140 gp
    • Dangers of the Overdark, Underdark, and Everything Between, by Ereril Longwalker. A look at the kinds of dangers faced in subterranean wildernesses. 65 gp.
    • Gold Upon the Stony Head: A History of Dwarven Kings, by Zullunth the Historian. A history text that collects the myriad stories of dwarven kings throughout known history, comparing them to one another and discussing their veracity and symbolic meanings. 225 gp.
    • Fire in the Water: An Historical Treatise on Dwarven Brewing Customs and Recipes, by Peljal Goblinhewer. 100 gp
    • The Life in Your Pie and the Pie in Your Life, by Master Baker Ollar Swiftapple. A look at halfling pie recipes and the philosophies behind them in halfling culture. 80gp
    • Songs 'neath the Hills, from various sources, edited by Nirrom Flutewind. A compilation of halfling lullabyes. 85 gp.
    • Shires, Sheriffs, and Sundry Such, by Sheriff Oldumuck the Old-Blade. An examination of the traditional codes of halfling law and law enforcement adopted by various communities. 55 gp
    • River, Hill, and Dale, by Warden Grimmika Greentoes. A treatise on the proper care for a halfling shire and its surrounding nature, to keep both farms and forests healthy for generations. 90 gp.
    • Thumbstone, Pie-Jump, and Nine Card Stifle: A Primer on Halfling Games, by notorious gambler Bemolin Coinfingers. 165 gp.

The Nholmolyndal (J7)

Spell Monographs

  • A plain tent in dark grey and maroon stripes. A sullen goblin stands out front, wearing a sandwich board that says: "The Nholmolyndal • Spells of Wicked Efficacy".
  • Inside, the tent is divided into two. The forward portion has several standing podiums, one for each of his monographs. Behind that section is a small settee set where Ondril himself sits, pouring over newly-purchased monographs.
  • Spell Monographs:
    • Unique Spells
      • Combust (Evocation 2nd • 8 pages, 75 gp): Caster causes the target to burst into flames; the fire continues to burn.
      • Scourge of Force (Evocation 2nd • 6 pages, 75 gp): Tendrils of force lash foes.
      • Bedevil (Conjuration 3rd • 12 pages, 115 gp): Summon a mischevious spirit to torment target.
      • Control Darkness and Shadow (Transmutation 3rd • 8 pages, 115 gp): Manipulate existing areas of darkness and shadow.
      • Shadow Tentacle (Conjuration 3rd • 10 pages, 115 gp): Creates a tentacle out of nearby shadows that entangle targets.
      • Skull Maelstrom (Necromancy 5th • 12 pages, 200 gp): Skull explodes, releasing a sudden maelstrom of shadows.
      • Shadow Canopy (Evocation 6th • 20 pages, 225 gp): Creates a dome of protective shadow.
      • Shadow Trap (Conjuration 7th • 18 pages, 325 gp): Binds a greater shadow to an object as its guardian.

Gondish Wonderments (J8)


  • A tent manned by Gondish craftsmen, selling good Lantanese clockwork.

Foclucan College (J9)

Bardic College • Silverymoon

  • A brightly colored tent, all green and golds, with music constantly being played there (albeit in a low, background sort of way so as not to annoy neighbors).
  • The bards and performers therein are happy to chat one-on-one, see if someone has the talent for some basic mastery of music, and discuss what life is like at the conservatory.