Magefaire 1354 Cluster K

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Wisdom Quoro Mulaun, Astrologer (K1)


  • A wizened old man with a long, prodigious beard…which is entirely fake and held on with facial glue. He dresses in deep blue robes, with silvered astrological sigils at the hems.
  • For 25gp, he will cast a horoscope for a client, and give a basic reading on personality.
  • For 50gp, he will cast a horoscope for a client which also includes advice on future decisions and one's fate.

Dulizar's Rare Materia (K2)

Spell Components

  • A tent filled with shelves of glass jars, selling spell components of all kinds.

Shieshera's Aglarondan Hearth (K3)


  • A stand selling Aglarondan cuisine (think Hungarian food, with lots of pepper and paprika), ranging from Squalid to Comfortable fares.

Mindulgulph Mercenary Company (K4)

Mercenary Company • Priapurl, Dragon Coast

  • A simple military-style pavilion, with a table out front. A banner with the Mindulgulph sigil (flames within a circle) emblazoned on it hangs over the interior of the pavilion. There are three soldiers, including one war-mage, at the table at all times.
  • The interior of the pavilion is divided into several portions, each with a pair of chairs, giving space for the heads of the company to discuss the possibility of recruitment with interested parties.

Yrgoth Malandar (K5)

Spell Monographs

  • A humble green tent with an open front, in front of which float several burning candles that veer out of touch of anyone who tries, and do not drip wax at all.
  • Inside, the tent is cut in half by a simple trestle table, covered with a plain cream tablecloth. There is a selection of monographs laid out for perusal.
  • Yrgoth sits behind the table, dressed in fine scholar's robes of the sort they use in Sembia, and a set of spectacles of light green tinted glass. His wife sits behind him, with a table of snacks to one side of her, and a chest where their coin and monographs are kept to the other. She seems far more interested in her knitting than in the wizards and others who wander in and out.
  • Spell Monographs: Yrgoth's monographs are covered in simple, mint-green paperboard, and copied in a fine, neat hand.
    • Player's Handbook
      • Cantrips: message (4 pages, 20 gp), minor illusion (8 pages, 20 gp), prestidigation (4 pages, 20 gp), shocking grasp (6 pages, 20 gp)
      • 1st: comprehend languages (4 pages, 35 gp), fog cloud (4 pages, 35 gp), longstrider (6 pages, 35 gp), mage armor (8 pages, 35 gp), magic missile (10 pages, 40 gp), thunderwave (6 pages, 35 gp)
      • 2nd: darkvision (8 pages, 60 gp), magic weapon (6 pages, 60 gp), ray of enfeeblement (8 pages, 60 gp), rope trick (12 pages, 65 gp), sound burst (6 pages, 60 gp), web (6 pages, 60 gp)
      • 3rd: animate dead (8 pages, 90 gp), fireball (8 pages, 90 gp), haste (14 pages, 95 gp), water breathing (14 pages, 95 gp)
      • 4th: blight (10 pages, 120 gp), ice storm (12 pages, 120 gp), polymorph (16 pages, 120 gp)
      • 5th: cloudkill (12 pages, 150 gp), scrying (12 pages, 150 gp), seeming (16 pages, 150 gp)

Sacred Glyph, Bonded Scriveners (K6)

Bonded Scriveners

  • Small collection of polite, industrious scriveners, all wearing holy symbols of Deneir
  • Charge 28gp per spell level to copy spells
  • Also sell copies of the Sacred Glyph spellbook, a copper-covered octavo spellbook enchanted with the luminous quality and inscribed with the following spells: message (cantrip, 2 pages), comprehend languages (1st level, 10 pages), illusory script (1st, 4 pages)), glyph of warding (3rd, 10 pages), tongues (3rd, 12 pages). It sells for 550 gp.

Jarum & Flora Theel (K7)

Spell Monographs

  • A tent that looks like it was once a carnival barker's tent, its bright colors now faded from years of use. Beaded curtains hang over the entrance, their glass spheres of many colors sparkling in the sunlight.
  • Within, the tent is made up as a comfortable parlor, including several comfortable chairs beside what turns out to be an illusory hearth at the back of the tent.
  • Jarum is a balding man from Tethyr, with a bit of a squint, and his wife Flora is a wide, matronly woman with her hair in long braids down her back. They are both happy to discuss the spells they have for sale (which are kept in a box inside the illusory hearth, protected with a glyph of warding).
  • Their daughter, Duira, wanders the faire as best she is permitted, but her parents keep her fairly close. While inside the tent, she serves refreshments, and sits and plays her harp when she isn't doing that.
  • Spell Monographs: The Theels' monographs are good parchment (if a little thick), bound in scrapstitch covers. The penmanship is legible, if not precisely fine.
    • Player's Handbook
      • Cantrips: chill touch (4 pages, 25 gp), ray of frost (6 pages, 25 gp), read magic (8 pages, 25 gp)
      • 1st: alarm (4 pages, 40 gp), burning hands (10 pages, 45 gp), comprehend languages (8 pages, 40 gp), false life (4 pages, 40 gp), fog cloud (10 pages, 45 gp), grease (4 pages, 40 gp), magic missile (6 pages, 40 gp), shield (6 pages, 40 gp), sleep (6 pages, 40 gp), thunderwave (4 pages, 40 gp)
      • 2nd: arcane lock (8 pages, 65 gp), flaming sphere (8 pages, 65 gp), gentle repose (6 pages, 65 gp), invisibility (10 pages, 70 gp), knock (8 pages, 65 gp), magic weapon (12 pages, 70 gp), ray of enfeeblement (8 pages, 65 gp), rope trick (10 pages, 75 gp)
      • 3rd: aura of invisibility (14 pages, 95 gp), blink (8 pages, 90 gp), dispel magic (8 pages, 90 gp), fly (10 pages, 95 gp), glyph of warding (12 pages, 95 gp), major image (14 pages, 95 gp), protection from energy (10 pages, 95 gp), remove curse (8 pages, 90 gp), slow (10 pages, 95 gp), water breathing (8 pages, 90 gp)

Indilanna's Spellwines (K8)

Spellwrought Wines

  • A woman from Turmish who enchants wines to act as potions. Includes all common (60gp) and uncommon (215gp) potions.

Genusson's Wintry Delights (K9)


  • A pale white tent, with gleaming silver snowflakes embroidered into it, and tiny hanging crystal "icicles" hanging from the upper edges of the tent. A thin cold mist creeps out of the tent's doorway into the lane in front of it.
  • The interior of the tent is several standing white pillars of carved stone. The top of each has a small bowl in it, in which are set active froststones, causing each of them to radiate cold. Small, cool decanters of watered white wine rest in each, with cups nearby to offer a refreshing drink to browsing customers. The pillars have small alcoves where various concoctions are stored in shiny metal flasks.
  • Alchemical Wares: frostvial (45gp), froststone (20gp), alchemical ink, metallic silver (22gp), phantom ink, cold (28gp)
    • Frost Oil (Very Rare • 30gp • pearlescent fluid that can be used to freeze a liquid solid, coat an object in ice, use it as a melee splash weapon [1d6 cold], or pour into a vessel which will cause it to radiate cold in a 10' radius, dropping the temperature to about 35º Faehrenheit until it evaporates away in 12 hours)
    • Iceblade Pearl (Very Rare • 20gp • small pearl of ice that when dropped into a vial of frost oil causes the oil to bubble up and crystalize into ice, forming a short sword-sized blade of constantly renewing ice; inflicts 1d4 slashing and 1d4 cold damage, but disappears in one hour)
    • Icebane cloth (Very Rare • 20gp per yard • thin, silk-like slippery cloth with a slight crystalline sheen in direct light which absorbs cold, so that an outfit of the clothing counts as heavy winter gear)
  • Magical Wares: potion of water breathing (185 gp), potion of gaseous form (900 gp), potion of frost giant strength (950 gp)