Magefaire 1354 Cluster L

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From the Wyrmhoard (L1)


  • A garishly wrought tent in green and black, sewn with sequins and patterns of metallic thread that make it look like it is covered in scales. A pair of magically animated wings stretch and retract over the tent and its neighbors, and a magically animated dragon's head looks down on those walking past the street below.
  • Inside, the tent has been treated with heavy doses of illusion magic, making it look like the interior is a cavern (the overall effect is sadly rather tacky). Hung from plaques on the walls are the items up for auction, with a small inked sign beneath it displaying the current highest bid for the item. The tent has a half-dozen very tiny dragons (pseudo-dragons) who prowl around it.
  • Auctions: Ridrophin runs his silent auctions all throughout the Faire, with bidders updating their bids with Panni.
  • Items: Ridrophin claims all the items are from dragons' hoards, but that's patently untrue. They are all the goods gained by adventurers out of old ruins and monster lairs, though.
    • A wand of winter, capable of unleashing magics of cold and frost. (Rare • 6500 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per bid)
    • A warhammer of the warpriest, which aids the Called in channeling the power of their deity, functions as a holy symbol of the wielder's god, and sheds holy light. (Very Rare • 50,000 gp Starting Bid • 500 gp per bid)
    • A pair of boots of the winterlands, to protect the wearer from cold and keep him surefooted on the slipperiest of ice. (Uncommon • 600 gp Starting Bid • 50gp per bid)
    • A fine cloak of displacement, to make the wearer seem to be someplace he is not. (Rare • 4000 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per bid)
    • A wand of lightning bolts, that unleashes torrents of levin on the wielder's foes. (Rare • 5000 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per bid)
    • A magical shortbow of elven make, which is called Warharp. (Uncommon • 650 gp Starting Bid • 50gp per bid)

Secrets of Sigil & Beyond (L2)

Spell Monographs

  • A tall tent of brilliant gold, crimson, and white cloth that smells of a summer field when approached. Its entryway is a clockwork mechanism, all spinning parts and shifting cogs that make a pleasant chiming sound every six-and-one-half minutes, through which one has to step to get inside. Above the pointed top of the tent is the illusion of a torus shape, a round tire-like, smooth-edged, rotating circle, on the interior of which is a city of small buildings and streets.
  • There is always a crowd around the entrance, and people coming in and out, shaking their heads in wonder, discussing what they've seen within.
  • Passing through the gate, one enters a shop, rather than a tent. There are windows that look out onto a strange, bustling city, in which djinns, demons, angels, and all manner of creatures bustle about to and fro. The door of the shop is sealed with a sign that says "CLOSED FOR DURATION OF MAGEFAIRE" preventing visitors from getting out onto the street proper.
  • The shop is a strange sort of scriptorum, with modrons of several shapes and sizes bustling about and working. Visitors are greeted by a perfectly spherical modron who acts as guide, using an oddly-slanged form of Common in doing so.
  • The proprietress seems to be a half-elven wizard named Sethimdenia the Traveler. One half of her head is shaven bald and tattooed with swirling glyphs and sigils, and her eyes are completely black.
  • Spell Monographs: Secrets of Sigil & Beyond bind their monographs in crimson-dyed scrapstitch leather, with gold ribbon ties and the name of the shop and the spell it contains burnt into the cover.
    • Player's Handbook
      • 1st: comprehend languages (4 pages, 33 gp), protection from good and evil (4 pages, 35 gp)
      • 3rd: magic circle (10 pages, 90 gp), tongues (12 pages, 90 gp)
      • 5th: contact other plane (12 pages, 150 gp), planar binding (14 pages, 160 gp)
      • 6th: arcane gate (16 pages, 185 gp), true seeing (18 pages, 180 gp)
      • 7th: etherealness (18 pages, 200 gp), plane shift (22 pages, 220 gp)
      • 9th: astral projection (22 pages, 275 gp), gate (20 pages, 300 gp)
    • Unique Spells
      • Analyze Portal (Divination 3rd • 10 page, 120 gp): Can divine the presence of any portals, discovering their size, location, and one property per round.
      • Lutzaen's Frequent Jaunt (Transmutation 5th • 16 page, 185 gp): As dimension door, save that it grants ability to make multiple jumps within duration.
      • Gate Seal (Abjuration 6th • 18 page, 250 gp): Permanently seals a gate or portal
      • Dimensional Lock (Abjuration 8th • 18 page, 300 gp): Create a field that blocks out bodily extradimensional travel.
      • Black Blade of Disaster (Conjuration 9th • 24 page, 355 gp): Creates a black blade-shaped planar rift that can be used to strike enemies, possibly disintegrating them, and destroying magic it touches
      • Maw of Chaos (Abjuration 9th • 24 page, 400 gp): Create yawning rift of roiling chaos that inflicts damage and disrupts concentration on all those in the area.

Holevos & Nyra Furdar (L3)


  • An alchemist-vintner who focuses solely on the creation of new and interesting artwines.

Jess of the Flasks, Transmuter (L4)

Transmuter (12th level)

  • Offers spellcasting and alchemical services, at a cost of 20gp per spell level (plus 50gp per hour such magics are maintained via Concentration)

Havelan & Mardunn (L5)


  • This tent is a simple pavilion with a back and side "walls," but open to the path in front of it. The pavilion is a fine deep blue, with shiny silver brads and other gewgaws intended to draw the eye. A tastefully painted sign out front of it displays this as "Havelan & Mardunn, Discreet Auctions"
  • The interior of the tent is standing room only. A small section with a glass case is roped off, with an attendant who will take prospective customers behind the rope one at a time to view the objects. Customers are permitted to cast two spells - detect magic and identify, which the attendant is very familiar with.
  • Auctions: Havelan & Mardunn hold several auctions a day.
    • Day One: The sapphire bird ring and bag of holding.
    • Day Two: The Mac-Fuirmidh cittern and ring of shooting stars
    • Day Three: The wind fan, the wand of the war-mage, and the staff of withering.
  • Items: These items are kept in an arcane locked glass case.
    • A sapphire bird ring, which summons sapphire bluebirds that provide light and through whose senses the wearer and perceive. (Very Rare • 75,000 gp Starting Bid • 500 gp per bid)
    • A bag of holding, to store one's prized possessions in extradimensional space. (Uncommon • 600 gp Starting Bid • 50gp per bid)
    • A Mac-Fuirmidh cittern, whose magic can strengthen and heal the flesh, and summon mists. (Uncommon • 550 gp Starting Bid • 50gp per bid)
    • A ring of shooting stars, which can summon radiance both helpful and harmful. (Very Rare • 55,000 gp Starting Bid • 500 gp per bid)
    • A wind fan, which can be used to summon gales of wind. (Uncommon • 450 gp Starting Bid • 50gp per bid)
    • A wand of the war-mage, to strengthen a magician's spells. (Uncommon • 600 gp Starting Bid • 50gp per bid)
    • A staff of withering, which will decay and weaken those struck by it. (Rare • 5500 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per bid)

Zhentarim (L6)

Trade Coster and Mercenary Company • Zhentil Keep

  • A fine black tent, with egg-white accents and embroidery. Beside the entryway is a man in black leather armor, his shield bearing the stylized black-skull-on-gold-coin-clutched-by-black-wyrm symbol of the Zhentarim on his shield. He nods politely at all who pass by.
  • Within is a comfortable space, with luxurious seating and fine food and drink offered to anyone who enter and declare an intention to discuss business of some kind.