Magefaire 1354 Cluster N

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Tundlemyr's Spellshop (N1)

Spell Monographs

  • A simple cream-and-silver tent surmounted by spiraling spheres of sparkling green, blue, and orange lights during the day, which switch to fireworks at night (when it is closed).
  • The interior of the tent is cut in half by a counter, behind which the proprietor roams, stands, and occasionally sits during shop hours, chatting with visitors and occasionally even showing off his wares.
  • Spell Monographs: Tundlemyr's spell monographs are covered in very pale leather scrapstitch, with a silver ribbon that ties them closed. The parchment within is decent, and his own hand is very jagged and expressive, though certainly readable.
    • Unique Spells
      • Ice Dagger (Evocation 1st • 6 page, 45 gp): Conjures a dagger of ice that flies at a target and detonates upon striking.
      • Shelgarn's Persistent Blade (Evocation 1st • 10 page, 45 gp): Creates a tiny darting dagger of force that attacks as the caster directs on each round.
      • Cloud of Bewilderment (Evocation 2nd • 8 page, 65 gp): Caster exhales a cloud of noxious air, stunning and blinding those that encounter it.
      • Steeldance (Evocation 3rd • 8 page, 105 gp): Causes two daggers to grow to longswords and then leap to attack designated targets.
      • Explosive Cascade (Evocation 4th • 12 page, 130 gp): Causes a bouncing ball of fire to light everything in its path on fire.
      • Tirumael's Energy Spheres (Evocation 4th • 10 page, 155 gp): A useful spell that creates five spheres which orbit the caster's head like a halo. The caster may launch any of these spheres at enemies within range, inflicting one of five kinds of damage (acid, cold, lightning, fire, or thunder). If a caster is attacked by an attack that matches the type of a still-existing sphere in his arsenal, he may cause the sphere to absorb part of that attack's intensity, protecting him and destroying the sphere.
      • Firebrand (Evocation 5th • 18 page, 180 gp): Causes sources of flame within a large area to explode
      • Prismatic Eye (Evocation 6th • 20 page, 210 gp): This spell creates a visible, scintillating orb roughly the size of a crystal ball that floats in mid-air and fires beams of brilliant colors, with different effect depending on the hue of the beam. It is under the mental command of the caster, though it can itself be attacked.

Gold Star Network (N2)

Magical Transportation Specialists

  • Network of independent wizards that maintain a network of teleportation circles across the Realms, with one wizard per "site"
  • They sell a small octavo booklet with details on how to contact their various agents in various cities for 10 gp, and the cost for them providing their services is 150 gp.
  • The places they have agents in: Calimshan (Calimport), Cormyr (Suzail), Dragon Coast (Westgate), Impiltur (Ilmwatch), The Moonsea (Mulmaster), The North (Neverwinter, Silverymoon), Sembia (Selgaunt), Turmish (Alaghôn), Western Heartlands (Baldur's Gate, Bereghost)
  • They also sell circle-building services, wherein they will arrive to a client's specified site every day for one year, creating a permanent teleportation circle, for 3000 gp.
  • They are also looking to recruit more wizards, especially for cities they do not have agents in. Signing on with them costs 500gp, but it includes a spellbook with a few of the spells they use quite often: teleport object (3rd), dimension door (4th), teleportation circle (5th), teleport (7th), as well as all current circle "addresses". It also comes with Gold Star agents working to create the teleportation circle.

The Pressure Cooker (N3)


  • Lantanese fare, including cookery in a pressure cooker; occasional explosions. Offering Poor, Modest, and Comfortable fare.

Ceeiethae's Curios (N4)

  • Alchemist specializing in alchemical metallurgical goods.
  • Alchemical Wares:
    • Alchemical copper-filigreed plate (1825gp), alchemical copper-filigreed breastplate (1100gp), alchemical copper breastplate (1000gp), alchemical copper arrows (50gp for 20), alchemical copper longsword (150gp), alchemical copper lightning rod (150gp)
    • Alchemical gold-filigreed plate (3775gp), alchemical gold-filigreed breastplate (700gp), alchemical gold breastplate (7000pg)
    • Alchemical lead-filigreed plate (2085gp), alchemical lead-filigreed breastplate (580gp), alchemical lead mace (340gp), alchemical lead arrows (85gp for 20), alchemical lead seals (50gp)
    • Alchemical silver-filigreed plate (3125gp), alchemical silver-filigreed breastplate (900gp), alchemical silver breastplate (5000gp), alchemical silver longsword (750gp), alchemical silver arrows (250gp for 20)

The Council of Mages (N5)

Mage's Guild & Public Servants • Cormyr

  • A simple purple corner tent, its entrance flanked by the symbol of the Council and the national flag of Cormyr.
  • Inside the tent, on a thick, luxurious carpet, a round table of the sort used by the Council has been erected. Various artifacts are scattered around the edges of the tent: a replica of the staff carried by Vangerdehast, a painting of the sitting Council of five years ago, a small bookshelf of copies of the Council's minutes, and two podiums with hefty spellbooks used by the Council chained to them.

Eltranithyr's Fabulous Feasts (N6)


  • Feasts made to order by a magical chef who uses unseen servants and other magical shortcuts to produce amazing food feasts for delivery at the Faire, offering Comfortable and Wealthy fares.

Fine Waterdhavian Books (N7)

Tome Seller

  • A deep blue tent from which rises a set of illusory towers, mimicking the shape of Castle Waterdeep rising over the city. The entrance has a simple painted placard with the name of the shop and the heraldry of the city of Waterdeep.
  • Wooden cases with glass doors mounted on the front of them stand all around the interior of this shop, and a small cluster of comfortable seats are centered in the middle of the tent.
  • Works: Teldar's shop collects some of the best books produced by printeries in Waterdeep, including those of Houses Estelmer, Melshimber, and Thongolir, as well as the myriad other printers in Waterdeep (particularly the finest the Scriveners', Scribes', and Clerks' Guild has to offer).
    • A Guide to the Cold North, by Alagond, Sage of Tashluta, 25 gp.
    • A Merchant's Sagacity, by Blackthorn Belgadar, 30 gp.
    • Blood and Ice: Survival in the Great Glacier, by Palus Frohm, 35 gp
    • Discourses on Arts and Gems, by Sarmallin of Yhaunn, 50 gp.
    • Doors Open to All: Forty Winters An Innkeeper, by Blorgar Hanthaver of Myratma, 40 gp.
    • Fallen Legacies: Archaeological & Historical Analaysis of the Mere of Dead Men, by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, 65 gp.
    • The Falling Feather: Romance and Passion Among Modern Noble Lasses, by Anonymous, 15 gp.
    • The Fools Who've Stood Before You: First Lessons in Magecraft, by Malchor Harpell, 40 gp.
    • Forty Years Before the Doors: A Life in Service, by Zanthravas Rolovantar, Lord Chamberlain of Castle Waterdeep, 65 gp.
    • Lines I've Lived By, by Mirt the Moneylender, 20 gp.
    • My Life with An Adventurer, by Kylae Aglundar, 45 gp.
    • On the Matter of Magecraft & the City: A Summary for the Lords of Waterdeep, by Khelben Arunsun the Elder, 85 gp.
    • Quiet Days Along the Dessarin, by Leaontar Dlarvin, Bargemaster of "the Black Boat", 30 gp.
    • Sayings of the North, by Annath of Neverwinter, 15 gp.
    • The Sharp Eye & Sharper Tongue: Observations of a Learned Sage, by Ammathair Hawkfeather, Sage of Waterdeep, 35 gp.
    • Tavern Dancing My Way to Wizardly Might, by Jerenneth Ghalvin of Neverwinter, 40 gp.
    • Teachings of the Morning's Glory, by Thorndar Erlin, High Priest of Lathander, 55 gp.
    • Thoughts on Politics & Other Villainies, by Mirt the Moneylender, 35 gp.
    • Trail Tales of the North, by Jhalivar Thrunn, 25 gp.
    • Wanderings with Quill & Sword, by Mirt the Moneylender, 25 gp.
    • Wheels That Groan, Purses of Gold, by Rathrol of Scornubel, Merchant Lord of Sebben, 35 gp.
    • The Wizards' Armory: A Compendium of Staves, by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, 40 gp.
    • The Wizards' Armory: A Compendium of Wands, by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, 40 gp
    • The Wizards' Armory: A Compendium of Sundries, by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, 40 gp.
    • Words to Would-Be Apprentices, by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun,20 gp.

Hoonimarr & Gundersnipe, Esoteric Lapidaries (N8)

Enstarred Lapidary Goods

  • Dwarf and gnome who practice enstarment lapidary work, selling enstarred gemstones as well as books on the practice of enstarment.

Symphony of the Multiverse (N9)

Interplanar Experiences

  • Dark blue tent with whirling planets and stars.
  • Inside, there is a circle etched into the wood flooring.
  • Paying 10gp for a quarter-hour, one to three customers may stand in the center and choose a plane from among:
    • One of the elemental planes (Air, Earth, Fire, Water)
    • One of the Celestial Planes (Arcadia, Mount Celestia, Bytopia, Elysium, the Beastlands, Arborea or Ysgard)
    • One of the Neutral Planes (Mechanus, Limbo, or Sigil, the City of Doors itself)
  • The domains of the various gods are presented in all of their celestial glory.
  • The proprietor is not permitted to show the Infernal planes.