Magefaire 1354 Cluster O

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Eligrania Undaea, Sage (O1)

Sage (History of Fashion)

  • The front of her stall decorated with a mannequin whose garments are constantly shifting (via programmed illusions) to some of the styles of fashion over the centuries.
  • 35gp per query

The Lady's College & Arkhen's Invocatorium (O2)

Arcane Collegia • Silverymoon

  • Share a single tent of deep midnight blue and pearlescent silver accents.
  • There are a handful of academics in the blue and silver robes commonly worn in Silverymoon's court and universities, there to answer questions about education there.

Vahanir's Oasis (O3)


  • A Calishite food tent, with fares ranging from Poor to Comfortable.

Secrets of the Underdark (O4)

Alchemist & Herbalist

  • Alchemist and Herbalist specialized in recipes from Underdark cultures

Belessa Skold (O5)

Spell Monographs

  • A dark grey tent, with a mirrored steel plaque above the door that shifts among the holy symbols of the four Elemental Cults: Kossuth, Akadi, Grumbar, and Istishia.
  • Within, the tent is decorated with flower pots with tall, flowering plants on vines that crawl the walls. There is a single short table, at which the proprietress sits, and small satchel of books and monographs at her side.
  • Spell Monographs: Belessa binds her monographs in simple grey cloth covers, with mediocre parchment within. Her hand is looping and wide, full of extravagance.
    • Player's Handbook
      • Cantrips: light (8 pages, 22 gp), minor illusion (8 pages, 22 gp), prestidigitation (6 pages, 22 gp), ray of frost (8 pages, 22 gp), read magic (8 pages, 22 gp), shocking grasp (6 pages, 22 gp)
      • 1st: burning hands (6 pages, 38 gp), color spray (6 pages, 38 gp), detect magic (8 pages, 38 gp), burning hands (6 pages, 38 gp), longstrider (6 pages, 38 gp)
      • 2nd: arcane lock (8 pages, 70 gp), blur (12 pages, 70 gp), darkness (8 pages, 70 gp), ray of enfeeblement (12 pages, 70 gp)
      • 3rd: dispel magic (8 pages, 100 gp), fly (10 pages, 100 gp), protection from energy (10 pages, 100 gp), stinking cloud (10 pages, 100 gp), sleet storm (12 pages, 100 gp)
      • 4th: arcane eye (16 pages, 150 gp), blight (16 pages, 150 gp), dimension door (14 pages, 150 gp), polymorph (16 pages, 150 gp), stoneskin (12 pages, 150 gp)
    • Elemental Evil Companion
      • Cantrips: control flames (2 pages, 30 gp), create bonfire (4 pages, 30 gp), frostbite (8 pages, 30 gp), gust (4 pages, 30 gp), mold earth (2 pages, 30 gp), shape water (2 pages, 30 gp), thunderclap (6 pages, 30 gp)
      • 1st: absorb elements (6 pages, 45 gp), catapult (6 pages, 45 gp), ice knife (6 pages, 45 gp), earth tremor (6 pages, 45 gp)
      • 2nd: Aganazzar's scorcher (6 pages, 80 gp), dust devil (6 pages, 80 gp), earthbind (8 pages, 80 gp), Maximillian's earthen grasp (6 pages, 80 gp), pyrotechnics (8 pages, 80 gp), skywrite (8 pages, 80 gp), Snilloc's snowball swarm (6 pages, 80 gp)
      • 3rd: erupting earth (8 pages, 125 gp), flame arrows (12 pages, 125 gp), Melf's minute meteors (12 pages, 125 gp), tidal wave (8 pages, 125 gp), wall of sand (14 pages, 125 gp), wall of water (14 pages, 125 gp)
      • 4th: elemental bane (16 pages, 200 gp), storm sphere (16 pages, 200 gp), vitriolic sphere (10 pages, 200 gp), watery sphere (12 pages, 200 gp)

Rundall's Drums (O6)


  • A tent selling a variety of finely-made percussion instruments.

Tomes of Candlekeep (O7)


  • A simple white tent, its entrance flanked with small stone copies of the lion statues that line the road leading to Candlekeep.
  • The interior of the tent is set up with a series of podia surrounding low-backed seating stools, intended as a gathering place during auctions. The podia hold the books in question, with monks nearby to answer any questions.
  • Auctions: The Grimoires hold auctions twice a day, at mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
    • Day One: The Book of Shangalar the Black • Bowgentle's Book
    • Day Two: The Codicil of White • Myrl's Text
    • Day Three: Unique Mageries
  • Items: Candlekeep Grimoires offers copies of grimoires in the possession of the great library.
    • The Book of Shangalar the Black, a grimoire of necromantic magics originating with the Calishite necromancer Shangalar. Known to possess several unique necromantic spells of high level. (900 gp Starting Bid • 50 gp per Bid)
    • Bowgentle's Book, the traveling grimoire of Bowgentle of Silverymoon, a gentle and kindly mage who believed magic should belong to everyone. Known to contain a few unique spells of middling level. (4500 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per Bid)
    • The Codicil of White, a wizard workbook written as part of the canon of an unknown Aurilite temple, containing cold magics, as well as many of the religious rites dedicated to the Frostmaiden. (450 gp Starting Bid • 50 gp per Bid)
    • Myrl's Text, the work of a well-known crafter of magical items, contains the schema for a handful of unique magic items, as well as afew utility spells of lower levels. (2000 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per Bid)
    • Unique Mageries, a work by Nezram the Worldwalker, some seven hundred years ago. It contains a variety of unique spells of middling and high levels. (3500 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per Bid)

Gifts of the High Forest (O8)


  • Herbalist specialized in recipes from High Forest ingredients

Cormanthan Delights (O9)


  • A food tent selling Dalelands/Cormanthor foods, ranging in fare from Squalid to Modest