Magefaire 1354 Cluster P

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The Hand Behind the Mirror (P1)

Mercenary Company • Athkatla, Amn

  • A plain black-and-grey striped tent. On either side of the entrance is a tall mirror which once a minute or so clouds over and then a hand suddenly impacts the inside of the mirror's glass with an open palm and an audible thud before it fades away again. This is actually somewhat startling to passersby not expecting it, much to the amusement of the tent-occupants around this one.
  • The wide tent's interior is set up as a map room, showing the cartographical record of their deeds and victories on one side, and a small sitting area on the other where the occupants can discuss business.

The Amnian Humidor (P2)


  • A tent selling fine Amnian pipeweed, with fare from Modest to Wealthy in quality.

Eltranithyr's Crucible (P3)


  • Alchemist specializing in metallurgy recipes and raw ingots (rather than finished products).

Mandrius & Shieshera Flaldiirim's Campfoods (P4)


  • A tent selling camping foods, including shield-bread and helm-stew, ranging in fare from Squalid to Modest.

Huthlor's Exotic Translations (P5)

Tome Seller

  • A broad tent, striped in brick red and light grey vertical stripes.
  • A single central table shows off three or four of the books while a helper in company livery reads from one of them in the original language of the book's publishing. Around the tent are other counters, with one person per side, ready and willing to help customers looking through books.
  • Works: Huthlor's books all have the same definitive cover, made of cloth-covered paperboard colored with a pattern that is half brick red and half light grey, with the titles in elegant gold leafing.
    • Thimin's Compendium of the Eastern Lands, a six volume set compiled by Terlen Thimin. 50 gp per book.
    • Haiku Poetry of Wa and Kozakura, translated by Lady Aril Iluhar. 30 gp.
    • Chronicle of the Dragon Emperors of Shou Lung, translated by Terlen Thimin. 55 gp.
    • The Way of the Killing Hand: Monastic Martial Traditions Among the Shou, compiled and translated by Keldak of Ilmater. 95 gp.
    • The Hand of Fate: An Examination of Orthodox Religion in Far Southern Lands, by Ithlelbos Messable. 120 gp.
    • The Land of Djinn, translated by Henna of Deneir. 65 gp.
    • From Oasis to Bazaar: A Travelogue of the Lands of Fate, by Irlalror Ninlor. 35 gp.
    • Passions of the Plainsfolk: Erotic Lovers Tales of the Tuigan, translated by Iratheen and Epelmethra Rithlar. 70 gp.
    • Horse Breeds of the Tuigan Nomads, compiled by Tundryn the Rider. 85 gp.
    • Stars in Paradise: The Astrology of Evermeet, translated by Torcaunt of Evereska. 80 gp.

The Mystical Mantle (P6)

Cloaks & Robes

  • A tent selling fine cloaks and robes, from traditional to avant-garde in style. Non-magical.

Symphony (P7)

Spell Monographs

  • A wooden-fronted shop-face, with "service windows" where two musicians playing and singing songs together. There is no "entrance," per se, though a carpet has been rolled out in front of it where folk linger listening to the music. There is a small glass bowl that collects coins thrown into them; when a given song is ended, the proprietors simply speak a word and the coins all disappear from it!
  • The proprietors are happy to chat with those who walk up, stopping for several minutes inbetween songs to give them a chance to talk to visitors and make some sales, although they also clearly make coin from those wandering past.
  • The interior of the tent is smaller and private.
  • 'Spell Monographs: A plain tan scrapstitch cover binds the Symphony monographs, each affixed with a simple pewter musical notation mark glued to its surface. The spell notations within are very similar to musical notes, so much so that those who are proficient in a musical instrument learn them in half the amount of normal time. All of the spells are also bard spells.
    • Unique Spells
      • Horizikauls' Boom (Evocation 1st • 10 page, 55 gp): Small lance of high pitched sonic sound that strikes a target unerringly.
      • Balagarn's Iron Horn (Transmutation 2nd • 6 page, 85 gp): Creates a sudden blast of resonant sound that can knock creatures off their feet.
      • Shatterfloor (Evocation 3rd • 14 page, 125 gp): Creates a loud, thrumming vibration that shatters the surface on which it is cast, and damages creatures in area.
      • Horizikauls' Versatile Vibration (Evocation 5th • 16 page, 180 gp): Creates a powerful sound that damages or moves objects or creatures.
      • Cacophonic Shield (Evocation 6th • 18 page, 200 gp): Creates a wall of sound that negates sonic attacks and damages creatures that try to pass through it.
      • Great Shout (Evocation 8th • 24 page, 250 gp): Thundering, devastating yell that shatters objects, stunning creatures and peppering them with shrapnel from shattering objects

Morlar's Dwarven Fare (P8)


  • A stout, squat tent serving dwarven food, with fare ranging from Poor to Comfortable in quality.
  • Matron occasionally sneaks to the tent next to hers (Mage's Guild of Hillsfar, R1) to feed the cat out front bits of cheese and mutton