Magefaire 1354 Cluster R

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Mage's Guild (R1)

Mage's Guild • Hillsfar

  • A brocade tent in rust and copper colors, with heavy pavilion panels on all sides. To one side of the door is a glass orb in which rages a tiny fire elemental, rushing to one side of the glass to vent its spleen at those who peer in at it. On the other is a 3' pedestal, with a grey-and-black tabby with brilliant gold eyes lounging on the basket affixed to its surface. (The dwarven matron from Morlar's Table next door keeps sneaking over to feed it bits of cheese and mutton, much to its delight.)
  • Inside the tent is a long desk at the back of the tent, with a row of five spellbooks laid out on it. Behind the desk sits one of the magi, likely with a bit of food and drink next to them, while the others are out enjoying the Faire.

The Uinsable Table (R2)

  • A food tent, run by a long familial line of fine chefs (the Uinsables), offering fare from Modest to Wealthy quality.

Scrolls & Folios (R3)

Spell Monographs & Spell Scrolls

  • An understated but elegant tent, made of dark forest green felt, and fine gold embroidery in spiralling knotwork along its edges. A sign is hung above the door, depicting the holy symbol of Deneir, with the words "Scrolls & Folios" calligraphed above and below it.
  • The tent's interior has a pair of scribe's desks along the back wall, and a small podium in the center of the tent's space.
  • Spell Monographs & Spell Scrolls: The Scrolls & Folio monographs are simple affairs, with plain green paperboard covers and gold painted letters spelling out the name of the spell in question.
    • Player's Handbook
      • 1st Level: illusory script (6 page, 35 gp • spell scroll 50 gp)
      • 3rd Level: glyph of warding (10 page, 90 gp • spell scroll 300 gp)
      • 5th Level: legend lore (16 page, 155 gp • spell scroll 1500 gp)
      • 7th Level: symbol (22 page, 225 gp • spell scroll 8000 gp)
    • Unique Spells
      • Create Magic Tattoo (Conjuration 2nd • 12 page, 75 gp • spell scroll 200 gp): Creates an enchanted tattoo that grants benefits to target for one day
      • Amanuensis (Transmutation 3rd • 12 page, 100 gp • spell scroll 400 gp): Spell to copy writing.
      • Transcribe Symbol (Abjuration 8th • 22 page, 350 gp • spell scroll 9500 gp): May "steal" a glyph or symbol or other written magical trigger, transferring it to another surface of the caster's choice.

Taulerin of Silverymoon, Sage (R4)

Sage (Elven Magic)

  • Moon elf from Silverymoon, sage at the Vault of Sages
  • 50gp per query

Purple Dragon Royal Press (R5)

Tome Seller

  • A big, billowing tent, with white and purple alternating checks. A wooden sign showing a great purple dragon (kingly with a crown) lounging about reading a book.
  • The interior of the tent is set up with simple trestle tables piled high with displays of multiple books.
  • Works: The books of the Press are all covered in leather, dyed a deep purple, with inset silver leaf spelling out the book's title.
    • A Cold-Blooded Tale: Journey into the Pit of Vipers, by Tsensyiir of Tashluta, 45 gp
      • A Merchant's Musings, by Holdryn Nalaster, merchant of Suzail, 35 gp
      • Adventures of Camber Fosrick: includes the Adventure of the Battledale Billhook, by Lodevin Parkar, scribe of Cormyr, 20 gp
      • An Archmage's Life at Court, by Vangerdahast Aeiulvana, 75 gp
      • Archetymbal, by Kastor, scribe of Cormyr, 50 gp
      • The Book of Passing Years, by author unknown, 80 gp
      • Collection of Notes on Falconry, by unknown falconers in the employ of the Crown of Cormyr, 45 gp.
      • The Compleat Dragon Hunter, by Smerdiuk Dragonbane of Arabel, 65 gp
      • Cormyrian Customs and Scandals, by Aserglan Burtrann, 30 gp
      • De Naturis Rerum, by Alaphondar Emmarask, Sage Most Learned of the Royal Court of Cormyr, 45 gp
      • Gaurdront's Guide to Monstrous Beasts, by Gaurdront Elmithar, 140 gp
      • The High History of Faerûnian Archmages Mighty, by Antarn the Sage, 70 gp
      • The Internal Structure of the Brachiopod, by Linnaeus Gozzling, professor of the University of Suzail, Cormyr, 35 gp.
      • Letters to Novice Court Wizards, by Vangerdahast of Cormyr, 25 gp
      • Lord Bhereu's Manual of Standards and Procedure, by Duke Bhereu Huntsilver of Cormyr, 20 gg
      • Lyres, Harps, and Horns: Sixty Years at Court in Suzail & Elsewhere, by Aglasz Jhavildar, Sage of Suzail, 55 gp
      • Meditations and Meditations, by Kirkabey, scribe of Cormyr, 15 gp
      • No Greater Honour: My Service to the Dragon, by Tessaril Winter, Lady Lord of Eveningstar, 45 gp
      • The Obarskyr Family Histories, by various anonymous Court scribes of Cormyr, 95 gp
      • One Trail Chosen: A Path Through Life, by Brathmur Engelstone, Sage of Saerloon, 55 gp
      • Proceedings, by Magus Firewand, 85 gp
      • Seasons in the Heartland, by Chelm Vandor, scribe of Cormyr, 65 gp
      • The Steel Princess' Field Guide to Tactics of the Purple Dragon, by Her Royal Highness Princess Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr of Cormyr, 90 gp
      • Sword Coast Curiosities, by Raulavan Emmertide of Suzail, 70 gp.
      • Swordlord and Survivor: Forty Summers Under the Purple Dragon, by Farlaethil of Beregost, 35 gp
      • Things a Knight Should Know, by Myrintar Hasantar, Sage of Suzail, 25 gp.
      • Thoughts Before My Slaying, by Almer Galarthund, 45 gp
      • Treatise on the Flora of the Barren Wastes, by Gaspaeril Gofar of Arabel, 35 gp
      • Treatise on the History of Polearms in Warfare, by His Royal Highness King Azoun Obarskyr IV of Cormyr, 25 gp
      • Why I Ride Men and Not Thrones, by Her Royal Highness Princess Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr of Cormyr, 100 gp
      • Yielding Tide, by anonymous from Cormyr, 35 gp.

Chessentan Potshop (R6)


  • Food tent featuring Chessentan (Greek) style food, from Poor to Comfortable in fare quality.

Årlir's Transmutations (R7)

Spell Monographs

  • A patched and somewhat tattered looking sailcloth canvas tent, with a simple opening. The canvas stirs in the breeze of a strangely salty wind. To one side of the entrance is a barrel, with a sign hanging from it that simply says: "Årlir's Transmutations".
  • Within the tent sits a man who is clearly more accustomed to spending his time on cold ocean waves than the land. A fire warms his bones nearby, and he sits on a wooden bench, playing at draughts with a strange monkey-bird creature.
  • Spell Monographs: These monographs are uncovered, with simple blank parchment wraps, and a jagged, sharp style of writing to the spell notations.
    • Unique Spells
      • Speed Swim (Transmutation 1st • 6 page, 40 gp): Grants targets ability to swim naturally.
      • Stone Bones (Transmutation 2nd • 6 page, 75 gp): Cause the skeleon of a target to become stone, increasing defenses.
      • Weapon of Impact (Transmutation 3rd • 10 page, 150 gp): Imbues a bludgeoning weapon to increase its critical range and overcome resistances to bludgeoning damage.
      • Ghorus Toth's Metal Melt (Transmutation 4th • 14 page, 185 gp): Causes a metal object to melt and run like water
      • Iron Bones (Transmutation 4th • 14 page, 185 gp): Transmutes the target creature's bones to iron
      • Dhulark's Glasstrike (Transmutation 6th • 16 page, 275 gp): Transforms a target object or creature into glass.

Fine Foods of the Moonsea (R8)


  • Food tent featuring Moonsea cuisine (lots of fish), from Squalid to Comfortable fare.