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[edit] Player Characters


[edit] Places

Brooklyn Neighborhood• Chases: -2 dice• Stealth: +2 dice• Perception (Hearing): –1 die
Brooklyn Neighborhood
Chases: -2 dice
Stealth: +2 dice
Perception (Hearing): –1 die

[edit] People

[edit] Dearly Departed

[edit] Campaign

  • Campaign Timeline: A summary of events.
  • Research Topics: The various research topics examined during the campign.
  • Practical Beats Log: Cumulative log of the group's Practical Beats.
  • Risking Willpower: The hunter's ability to draw on immense reserves during the Hunt.
  • Tactics: The kinds of Tactics hunters use.
  • Armory: Items that have been made or purchased for group use, includes specific items from Matthew's Esoteric Armory.
Chronicles of Darkness Resources
Character Rules: Health & HealingNew & Revised Merits • Willpower
Actions: Chases • Crafting • Investigation • ResearchSocial Maneuvers
Situations: Conditions • Tilts
Character Sheet Templates: Mortals & Hunters
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