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The Tower in the Mists

The fae tower of the Raven King. Seemingly threaded to every realm and none, it was accessible only through a strange weave of winter mist and clutching blackthorne. In this tower, the Raven King treated his stolen charges to a never-ending winter revelry.

[edit] The Court of the Raven King

  • The Raven Knights: A murder of thirteen massive ravens the size of eagles, who are the Raven King's champions and guardians. Should one die, the Raven King might raise up another from any of his court's worthy warrior-ravens. They all have martial-sounding names, with the title "Sir", such as Sir Onslaught, Sir Warfeather and Sir Eyeseeker.
  • The Jackdaw Viziers: The courtiers responsible for gathering all of the lore sent to the Court by corvids all over the Tapestry, sifting through it for pieces of noteworthy lore. They all have poetic names that speak to their virtues and aspirations, such as Ebon Wisdom, Everfaithful and Righteous-in-Glory.
  • The Blackthorne Rooks: Familiar-birds for thorn-crones, acting as conduits of the Raven King's power and representative from the Court. Blackthorne Rooks protect their true names from sorcery, and take on weird nonsense names, such as Garummet, Palinksy and Zinzyr.
  • Courtier Crows: Beautiful birds whose black breast-feathers shimmer with jewel-like hints of blue, purple and green. These are the boon companions of the children of his Stolen Court. Though they have private names they use among themselves, Courtier Crows take the names that are given to them by their Stolen Court charge, resulting in a wide variety of names for them, some clever and evocative, others whimsical or just plain saccharine.

[edit] The Stolen Court

The beautiful maids and comely lads who came away at the lissome invitation of the Raven King, to join the eternal winter revelry at Mistyholt.

  • Ylara, The Beauty Who Slept: X
  • Wasiya, the Swanmay: X
  • Summer Riddle, the Hound's Sister: X
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