Most Excellent Order of Weavers and Dyers

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Most Excellent Order of Weavers & Dyers
The House of Textiles, Nethpranter's Street, Trades Ward
Guild Master
Nixi Ulmund
Primary Contact
Orana Holdivar, Speaker of the Order, the House of Textiles
Other Guild Members
Membership: 2000+
Rainbow-hue dyed overcloaks & overgowns
Entry Dues: 30 gp • Annual Dues: 10 gp/year
Goods & Services
Cloth, new-woven: 5sp to 10gp per bolt, depending on materials, demand, imported or local (does not include wool).
Dyeing of cloth provided by client: 5 sp to 10gp per bolt, depending on complexity and difficulty of desired result.
Member Shops
Faction Details
Common Descriptors: Dedicated, industrious, prosperous
Primary Classes: Any
Alignments: Any
Faction Ranks
Apprentice: Rank 1. You are apprenticed to a master within the Guild.

Journeyman: Rank 3. You have completed your Journeyman's Work, and may now work within your guild's specialty, albeit under the direction of a master.
Master: Rank 7. You are an acknowledged master of your art in your own right.

This guild is rich and busy and offends few. Its wares are reasonably priced and its dyes good—they bleed and stain little, and fade only slowly. Guild members will gladly dye garments to order, although patterns and devices must not mock, closely resemble, or duplicate the heraldic devices of the city, Lords, or nobles—: a Lords’ Edict on this point is strictly obeyed by the guild. Guilds, nobles, and others with a clear legal right to such designs may, of course, order work bearing them from this guild, a process involving a written request bearing as witness a Magister’s (or Laeral'’s) signature. The Order has over 2,000 members, most human, and over half female.

[edit] Notable Members

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[edit] Previous Eras

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