Nations of Ambria

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[edit] Western nation

  • Territory: The Kingsmarch and Stormfells. All land west of the Stormfell Mountains and the Shield River.
  • Capital: Avennar
  • Leader: The Lord Protector, Duke X

[edit] Eastern Nation

  • Territory: Anderland and Emerlyn. Everything South of Ironwall, East of the Stormfell Mountains and Shield River and West of Ersevor.
  • Capital:
  • Leader: King X

[edit] Valhedar

  • Territory: The Island of Valhedar, The lands around the Dappledell River. and the Port of Gedon on the Southern Continent
  • Capital: Valhedar
  • Leader:

[edit] Valagia

  • Territory:
  • Capital: Valagia
  • Leader:

[edit] Lesser Nations

[edit] Ebernath

  • Territory: The Island of Ebernath.
  • Capital: Ebernath
  • Leader: Duke Heinrich , Duke of Ebernath
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