Northern Seawatch Street

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Map Key
  • 1: Seawatch Tower (City Building; A,5)
  • 2: Velatha's Delights Pastries Shop (Business; B,2)
  • 3: Naingate (Residence; B,4)
  • 4: The Silken Sylph (Festhall; A,3)
  • 5: House Melshimber Villa (Residence; A,4, with A,5 + A,4)
  • 6: Ruldegost Villa (Residence; A,4, with A,3 + A,4 + B,2)
The Gem of the North
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  • Naingate (3): A four-story tower built above a wide former warehouse base, Naingate is the home of Nain Keenwhistler, a respected mage of considerable power who was once a member of the Company of Crazed Venturers. He is a known ally of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun's.
  • House Melshimber Villa (5): Known for the fine whitewashed wall topped with its distinctive "vines & quills" carvings, the Melshimber Villa is often quite peaceful for the center of one of Waterdeep's most involved social families.
  • House Ruldegost Villa (6): Home to the notorious mercenary and bounty-hunting family, House Ruldegost's villa is crafted of thick blocks of stone, built in a style more suitable to keeps and other buildings expecting seiges than elaborate noble villas. The main building is a simple, thickly built tower that houses Lady Ruldegost and her immediate, with ancillary buildings for the rest of the family.


  • Velatha's Delights (2): An extremely upscale pastries shop, Velatha offers a lovely front-of-shop with glass cases of light and fluffy pastries and other confections meant to draw in those walking by outside. In truth, though, she makes most of her income from the various nobles who hire her to provide confections to their celebrations and parties.



  • The Silken Sylph (4): Extravagance is the watch-word here. The Silken Sylph is accustomed to the finest of guests, and its staff are trained to recognize the nobles who visit them on sight, and preferrably by name. Their men and women are fine dancers and singers, routinely pulling together to perform "show stopper" numbers in between the individual performances of individuals. Rumors has that they gain their best wines from House Melshimber themselves, a concession in return for not putting windows along the side of their business that faces the Melshimber gardens.

City Buildings

  • Seawatch Tower (1): A major Watch post-station.