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Map Key
  • 1: The Jade Dancer (Festhall; B,3)
  • 2: Cathalishaera's Rooming House (Residence; C,3)
  • 3: Nueth's Fine Nets (Business; C,1)
  • 4: The Red Gauntlet (Tavern; D,2)
  • 5: Berendar's World of Words (Business; D,1)
  • 6: Pelauvir's Counter (Business; C,5)
  • 7: Tehmak's Coaches (Business; B,3)
The City of Splendors
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[edit] Residences

[edit] Businesses

  • Nueth's Fine Nets (3): A netmaker, known for the quality of his well-woven and -knotted nets.
  • Berendar's World of Words (5): A printer of broadsheets and books.
  • Pelauvir's Counter (5): A very large general sales shop, with multiple floors worth of goods of all varieties.
  • Tehmak's Coaches (7): A carriager and wagon-maker.

[edit] Nightlife

[edit] Taverns

  • The Red Gauntlet (4): (2c•3p) Mercenary and caravan guard tavern

[edit] Festhalls

  • The Jade Dancer (1): A festhall on the edge of the Dancing Square. The Jade Dancer is renowned for one of its performers: a jade woman whose sinuous dances are inhumanly graceful and flexible, with a head of hair that grows as she performs!
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