Pankratium Triumphant

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Pankratium Triumphant
Gymnasium & Spa (Festhall)
The Pankratium serves neither drink nor fare.
Annual Membership: 280 gp/year
Monthly Membership: 25 gp/month
Tenday Membership: 10 gp/tenday
Private Room: 2 gp
Body Servant: 20 gp/hour
Oil Massage: 3 gp (one hour)
Training: 4 gp/session, or 30 gp/month (thrice a week)
Maendus Pankrator, the Chessentan proprietor (hm)
Limia, proprietor's wife (hf)
Daesora, Klemyra, Aedonya, Sylvie, body servants (hf)
Taernus, Dumnal, Regian, body servants (hm)
Dawnbringer Darus Killian, Leone the Fighter, Waeldis Mithranmar, trainers

[edit] First Floor

  • Entrances: The Pankratium maintains three entrances: one off of Jelzar's Stride, one off of Seaeye's March, and another from the small courtyard behind the building. The stairs inside these entrances lead directly up to the atrium on the second floor.
  • Office: The Pankratium's business office, usually inhabited by either Maendus or his wife Limia, or otherwise locked.
  • Dressing Chamber: A large open chamber, generally used for disrobing. Nudity is the norm in the Pankratium, although some nobles of a more modest disposition may wear one of the flowing white thin linen Chessentan-style wraps offered by the servant in this chamber. This servant also watches over baskets of garments and belongings if the patron does not wish to pay the small fee to rent one of the private rooms.
  • Private Rooms: Simple, wooden-paneled rooms with mattress platforms at the far end of the door, with steps leading up to them. These rooms are frequently used for changing and storing one's garments, although many who come to spend the day here use the beds for a nap after their exertions or relaxations, or for hosting a lover attracted during their time here, or a body servant hired for companionship.
  • Baths: A long, fairly deep blue-green marble pool fed with water from both the lathandarium and the aurilarium, resulting in a pleasant, neutrally-temperatured pool. Simple silver spheres in the ceiling glow with a pleasant, cool luminescence, casting the entire chamber in a relaxing light. This is a common social area, and it is not uncommon for nobles showing up here to hand a bottle of wine or two to the servants on-hand to pour out for those who are there. The rule is that such wine is offered to anyone on hand, unless they demur, and it is considered gauche to show up with insufficient provender (although there is no opinion on those who show up with none at all).
  • Aurilarium: A round, deep white marble pool of strongly frigid water, servants add small chunks of ice to heavy-bottomed cages attached to the side that are sunk to the bottom of the pool, allowing them to chill the water without anyone having to come into contact with actual ice. A small round niche in one corner of the room features a white marble statue of Auril, depicted as a beautiful severe-visaged, naked maiden watching over the pool imperiously. By tradition, the aurilarium is expected to be silent, and drinks must remain in the baths outside.
  • Lathandarium: A round, deep rose-hued marble pool of extremely warm water pumped up from hypocausts built into the cellars of the building and pumped into the pool directly. A small round niche in one corner holds a golden marble statue depicting Lathander as a comely, unclad youth, smiling enigmatically down at the pool. Like the aurilarium, the lathandarium is a place of quiet.
  • Staff Room: These rooms act as a "backstage" where glasses, towels, wraps and all manner of similar necessities are stored. There is also a small staircase that leads down into the cellars.

[edit] Second Floor

  • Atrium & Open Sands: The atrium is where patrons first arrive, with most of those who are clothed heading down the stairs to the dressing chambers immediately. The atrium is a fine golden marble, with white pillars, surrounding a field of open sands. High above, a glass sunroof lets in a great deal of light most times of the year. The sands themselves are usually occupied by patrons either practicing their wrestling or other athletics with one another, or with a hired trainer. It is not uncommon to find other patrons standing around on the marble or leaning against pillars appreciating the athletics (or simply the athletic bodies) on display, although there is explicitly no seating here. Two niches tucked behind the stairs offer a place where servants can wash off the sands that inevitably accumulate on sweaty and/or oiled patrons.
  • Oiling Chamber: This wide chamber is dimly lit and hung with long sheets of diaphanous cloth that cuts off a great deal of perspective while not actually hiding anything. It is laid about with curved brass beds above vents where steam from the hypocausts below rises, warming the beds and creating a slightly misty environs within. Patrons receive massages, oilings and other body treatments here, either out in the open or in one of the several private chambers.
  • Staff Room: A storage chamber where the staff may retrieve towels, vials of oil and similar goods from, as well as take breaks from their work.
  • Private Chambers: Single-bed chambers like those of the oiling chamber, these are lit by small, high-up windows just large enough to let in a dim light. These rooms are rarely used by those who simply want massages; they tend to be where "full body ministrations" are provided by the staff body servants, or even by other soft-trade workers who accompany a patron in.

[edit] Third Floor

  • Patrons' Lounge: The upstairs lounge is well lit, and features fine round marble tables and comfortable wooden furnishings. Though the Pankratium provides neither food nor drink, it is not uncommon for patrons to send out for such goods after their work-outs below. The Lounge is the center of the Pankratium's social area, where its noble patrons may lounge - clothed occasionally, but most often in a simple linen wrap or fully unclad - and chat amicably with one another. Though it is not the expectation (as in the Baths below), it is very common for patrons to bring sufficient fine food and drink to share around with one another, turning the environs into a near-feast with dozens of differing viands.
  • Stores: More storage space for the dining ware, cups and goblets, towels and other things the patrons may need.
  • Employees' Quarters: A handful of the servants (not body servants or trainers, though) are provided with living quarters. They are generally houses two or three to a room, and all share a bathing and jakes chamber.
  • Proprietors' Quarters: Though he and his wife could easily afford living space elsewhere, Maendus insists on being on-hand in his establishment. Limia is slowly eroding his resolve for them to live somewhere beyond their small (albeit gracious) accommodations here.
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