Refuge of Maldiglas

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The Refuge of Maldiglas
The Refuge of Maldiglas


[edit] The Refuge

The Refuge is a hide-away in the heart of Mount Waterdeep. It has many layered magics (not all of which are known to the player characters), and the only way to access it is through one of the invisible gates scattered around the city, activated simply by walking through the appropriate archway in the Refuge, or by touching the appropriate keystone in the city and whispering the name of the Magister who created them: Maldiglas.

[edit] The Keystones of Waterdeep

These keystones are activated by touch and the use of the name of the Magister who created them: Maldiglas. They seem to be normal stones, even to the use of magics such as detect magic, unless the viewer is less than ten feet away from them. There are two keystones in each of the Wards, plus another two in the City of the Dead.

[edit] Castle Ward

  • Fetlock Court: A cobblestone set into the edge of the courtyard, in the southwestern portion just past the horse-trough.
  • Watching Tower: South of the Fetlock Court keystone, another street-cobble, in the middle of the street, almost exactly between the back of the Palace Stables and the Watching Tower

[edit] Sea Ward

  • Rivuryn's Stone: In the small copse of trees south of Seaeyes Tower, a small footstone marking the burial of one of the ancient Open Lords' hound companion, Rivuryn. The memorial stone itself is the keystone.
  • The Downspout Stone: A stone half-hidden under a downspout, on the seaward side of the Fanebar, at the southernmost corner where a narrow passage leads through into Kulzar's Alley.

[edit] North Ward

  • The Grinning Lion: On the west side of the rain barrel that stands against the northern wall of the Grinning Lion tavern, just off Golden Serpent Street.
  • The Farwatch Cubicle: Inside a cubicle behind an always-open door in the southeastern wall of Farwatch Tower. The cubicle is a tiny, tall bare room whose walls are several feet thick.

[edit] Trades Ward

  • The Ironpost Stone: The huge, cracked paving stone set into the eastern end of Ironpost Street, on its southern edge (right against the wall of the corner building).
  • Grey Serpent Stone: On the rooftop of the Grey Serpent Inn, just at the head of the back firestair that climbs the outside wall of the building.

[edit] South Ward

  • Garbage Stone: The stone just outside the back (south) door of the Midnight Sun tavern, where the garbage is usually piled.
  • Stable Stone: The round stone set into the street between Athal's Stables and the city wall guard tower that faces it.

[edit] Dock Ward

  • The Fish Stone of Odd Street: The fish-shaped stone half-way down Odd Street, near its northern edge.
  • The Crescent Stone of Aline's Way: The moon-shaped stone set into the mouth of Aline's Way, where it meets Keel Alley.

[edit] City of the Dead

  • Ahghairon's Heelstone: The stone that begins beneath the right heel of Ahghairon's Statue.
  • The Waterdrip Stone: The "waterdrip wash" stones set under a downspout on the western side of the Mariners' Rest tomb.
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