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At A Glance
LTG Codes: 1206
Size: 363 square kilometers
Population: 218,000 (Human 65%, Elf 11%, Dwarf 2%, Ork 19%, Troll 2%, Other 1%)
Population Density: 601 per square kilometer
Per Capita Income: ¥32,000
Corporate Affiliated Population: 63%
Hospitals and Clinics: 7
Voting Precincts: 5
Education: Less than Twelve Years: 30%; High School Equivalency: 42%; College Equivalency: 26%; 2%
District Mayor: {{{mayor}}}
Major Corp Facilities: Bowman Metal Works, Federated Boeing, United Oil
Criminal Syndicates: Choson Ring (Seoulpa), Gianelli Family (Mafia), Shigeda-gumi (Yakuza)
Major Gangs: None
Minor Gangs: The Blood Brothers
Security Ratings: AA - D

Auburn is a blue-collar district. It is a major manufacturing center, notable for the "Auburn Hum," the incessant noise of manufactories that run twenty-four/seven. There are more than four hundred such facilities, including factories, metal refineries and petrochemical plants. The manufacturing industry provides the vast majority of the district's jobs.

[edit] Criminal Syndicates

  • Gianelli Family (Mafia): The Mafia control's Auburn's trucking companies and unions.
  • Shigeda-gumi (Yakuza): The Shigeda runs most of the vice industry in Auburn.

[edit] Neighborhoods

[edit] Algona (A - B)

  • Algona Hospital: Hospital • A Renraku-owned hospital that specializes in artificial organs and limb replacements.
  • Community General: Hospital • A Catholic-run charity hospital catering to the disadvantaged from Auburn and Puyallup.

[edit] Auburn (B)

The center of the district has gone downhill fast in the last twenty years. Its once-impressive luxury apartment complexes have been gutted and turned into smaller housing for the working poor.

  • Auburn District Courthouse: Municipal • District courthouse
  • Auburn District Hall: Municipal • City hall
  • Auburn Junction: Shopping Mall • Multi-building apartments and retail space
  • Mama Pani's Talisman Shoppe: Talismonger • Talismongery owned by Mama Pani, a Hindu ork.
  • Max's Ironworks: Gym • Old fashioned boxer's and freeweights gym.
  • The Supermall: Mall • Massive mall of over a hundred shops
  • United Oil Research & Development Laboratory: Corporate Facility • Highly secure corporate facility.

[edit] Berrydale (B)

Largely manufacturing area.

  • The Aurora: Bar • Rough bar with street-types
  • Wynaco Correctional Facility: Prison • Maximum security UCAS federal prison.

[edit] Black Diamond (C)

Largely manufacturing area extending from Lakes Morton and Sawyer to the Green River.

  • Green River Inn: Hotel • Family style economy hotel with two floors of cubes and eight floors of normal rooms.

[edit] Boise (D)

Run down neighborhood, formerly suburban, now very run-down with squatters and gangs.

[edit] Covington (B)

Nice middle-management neighborhood, with a high Japanese population.

  • Covington Rent & Rest Hotel: Hotel • Economical cube hotel.
  • The Filthy Dragon: Bar • Filthy bar known to be under control of Yakuza

[edit] Enumclaw (B - C)

Bedroom community with several small factories that operate without the din and mess of many of the district's other facilities.

  • The Barn Burner: Restaurant • Southwestern Sioux BBQ
  • Enumclaw Moneymaker Hotel: Hotel • Low price no-frills by-hour hotel, popular with local prostitutes.
  • Eric's Italian Restaurant: Restaurant • Run down Italian restaurant.

[edit] Federated-Boeing Auburn Facility (Corp Site)

A massive facility that features - in addition to its many corporate research buildings, business offices, warehouses, and hangars - a small museum of air history that is open to the public during daytime business hours.

[edit] Georgetown (B)

Bedroom community for Lake Wilderness offices.

[edit] Lake Wilderness (AA)

High-class luxury corporate area.

[edit] Lake Tapps (C)

Area around Lake Tapps, with extensive manufacturing presence along western edge of lake. Eastern edge is more residential.

  • Bowman Metal Works: Smelting Plant • Smelting plants that pollute Lake Tapps and do work for Federated Boeing.
  • The Ultra Resort: Resort • Exclusive island resort in Lake Tapps; source of great controversy and mystery, and often protested by locals.

[edit] Maple Valley (B)

Bedroom community.

[edit] Pacific (A - B)

Upscale retail and residential area.

  • Auburn Mall: Mall • Shopping mall
  • Magician's Feast: Restaurant • Salish and American restaurant known for its regular magical illusion shows.

[edit] Stuck (C)

A tiny "city" of six square blocks created by a legal loophole. Owned and mayored by one Mitchell Stuck. A known center for the local black market.

  • Stuck's Bag-Your-Body: Body Mods
  • Stuck's Carnvial: Nightclub & Casino • Casino and cabaret act nightclub, turned up to 11.
  • Stuck's Sleephouse: Hotel • Cube hotel
  • Stuck's Zeotrope: Entertainment Media • Known as a source of illegal chips and sims

[edit] Sumner (B - C)

Extensive corporate facilities and factories on the eastern side of White River.

  • Casey's: Bar • Neighborhood dive bar, near Clone Zone Mall
  • Clone Zone Mall: Mall • Cheap electronics
  • Dieringer Sleep Company: Hotel • Trashy cube hotel along the highway.

[edit] Timberlane (B)

Middle-high class residential area with lots of parks and green space.

  • Lake Wilderness Hospital: Hospital • Easily mistaken for a private resort hotel, a hospital that specializes in treating patients holistically in soothing, natural environments. Well-known for its Awakened treatment programs.

[edit] Gangs

Auburn has no major gang presence.

[edit] Minor Gangs

Various small gangs along Route 18 and Route 14, and on Sumner near Puyallup border or downtown near Tacoma border.

  • The Blood Brothers: The all-black Blood Brothers are one of Seattle's few ethnic gangs.
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