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Sand Lords


[edit] House Qorgyle (Major)

  • Lord Lorimas Qorgyle is the aging Lord of Sandstone, the seat of the House. Their arms are three black scorpions on a field of red; their words are Pride in Adversity.

[edit] House Uller (Major)

  • Lord Harmen Uller is the child-lord of Hellholt, a disease having claimed his parents. Still, the boy sits his father's seat with assurance and authority, his dark eyes piercing and severe. Their arms are a rayonne yellow over crimson; their words are In Victory Wrought.

[edit] House Vaith (Minor)

  • Lady Jyana Vaith is the aged matriarch of the House and Lady of the Red Dunes. Her House arms are three black leopards, standing on a yellow pile, on orange; their words are Cunning, Silence, Ferocity.

[edit] House Allyrion (Major)

  • Lord Duram Allyrion heads this powerful House whose seat, Godsgrace, is on the fork between the Scourge and the Vaith Rivers. Their arms are a golden hand on gryonny black and red; their words are No Foe May Pass.
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