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[edit] Letters from the Hooded One

[edit] First Letter from the Hooded One to Radzig of Nurgle


I hope that my gift finds you in good health, so to speak. I believe that you will find the rituals contained within of particular interest. I would never seek to enact them myself, but I feel certainty that your patron will reward you for doing so. From my reading I believe you all you still need is a sufficient quantity of warpstone. Shards of the egg should still be located in the Sack, and I have no doubt that a man of your talents can locate one of them.

I should warn you that if you proceed with your plan, I will not be able to shield you from the consequences. My influence is not total, and cannot misdirect the attention that the fires you raise will bring. Be careful that they do not consume you before you raze Boltmere. The Baron will strike with overwhelming force if he realizes the magnitude of your threat.

May the Glory of Chaos Guide you, The Hooded One

[edit] Second Letter from the Hooded One to Radzig of Nurgle


Be wary, Baron Von Drakenhoff has dispatched several agents to Boltmere. They have shown themselves to be both capable and damaging to the cause. They were responsible for the discovery of our allies in Luther’s Ferry, and they have disrupted the plans of the Hollow.

They are:

Siegfried Niederlitz A former soldier and deadly combatant, he personally killed the Barons Executioner. Formerly a soldier in the Empire. Wulfhilda Herzog An apothecary and surgeon of exceptional acumen. She has ties to cult of Ranald in the Empire. Alonzo Esteves The Barons Armsmaster, skilled with a blade. He fled from Estalia, and has a price on his head.

They number among their personal allies the Elven Wizard Ravandil, and his apprentice Magnus Herzog. Ravandil has repeatedly displayed his mastery of both the Jade winds and tactical thought.

I would suggest that you attempt to stay beneath their notice until you are ready. If that is not possible you may need to find a suitable distraction for them, maybe you can get them to pit themselves against the Von Carstein woman. If that fails, remember that they are all foreigners to Vysocina, and of a mercenary temperament. It might be possible to buy them off.

May the Glory of Chaos Guide you, The Hooded One

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