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In the First Age, young Exalts were often referred to as Sky Children. Once a term used to denote one inexperienced and under 100 years of Exaltation, it takes on a new meaning in the Age of Sorrows. From their escape from the Blessed Isle, to confounding the Wyld Hunt, the saga now continues in this coming of age tale.

[edit] Player Characters

[edit] Chronicle Resources

[edit] NPCs

Former PCs

Traveling Companions

Familiars and other Animal Friends

  • Wind Dancer, Falcon, Familiar of Zepher
  • Thunder from the Mountain, White Elephant, follower of Zepher

Shadow Court NPCs

  • Cadenza
  • Broken Quill

Questing with Idoru

  • Silver Heron

Old Friends

  • Gracious Resina, former fiancĂ©e of Shen
  • Brilliant Balin, son of Shen and Resina
  • Orase, son of Yisu
  • Yisu the Younger, brother-in-law of Shen

Future NPCs

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