Southern Castle Ward

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Map Key
  • 1: The Yawning Portal (Inn; C,3)
    • a: Warehouse for Yawning Portal (Warehouse; C,1)
  • 2: Mother Salinka's House of Pleasure (Festhall; D,3)
  • 3: The Empty Keg (Tavern; C,2)
  • 4 & 5: Guard Barracks (City Building; C,2)
  • 6: The Crow's Nest (Tavern; B,1)
  • 7: The Blushing Nymph (Festhall; B,2)
  • 8: The Red-Eyed Owl (Tavern; D,2)
  • 9: The Sleepy Slyph (Tavern; C,2)
  • A: The Metal House of Wonders (Dock Ward; Guildhall; C,2)
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[edit] Nightlife

[edit] Inns

  • The Yawning Portal (1): Inn (3c•4p•3a) A well-known inn and tavern whose main feature is a massive well on the ground floor of the tavern, some 40 feet across, that descends 140 feet into the first level of Undermountain. There is a rope hoist that can be used to lower or raise those foolhardy enough to venture into Undermountain, at a cost of 1 gp per person. Includes a warehouse (1a).

[edit] Taverns

  • The Empty Keg (3): Tavern (2c•2p) A rough-and-tumble beer-hall. Later in the eve, it often sees visits from some of the unattached ladies from Mother Salinka's next door, looking to lure some of the drinkers back to their boudoirs.
  • The Crow's Nest (6): Tavern (3c•2p) A modest but comfortable tavern; a favorite among the clerks, bureaucrats, and visitors of nearby Castle Waterdeep.
  • The Red-Eyed Owl (8): Tavern (3c•3p) A comfortable, unimpressive local ale-house that is a favorite of the average Waterdhavian locals, well-loved for its cheap ale and heavily spiced coast chowder.
  • The Sleepy Slyph (9): Tavern (4c•3p) A popular tavern for visitors to Waterdeep, featuring driftglobe lights and scantily clad waitstaff dressed as fairies.

[edit] Festhalls

  • Mother Salinka's House of Pleasure (2): Festhall (3c) A shabby, low-coin festhall.
  • The Blushing Nymph (7): Festhall (3c•3p) An upscale brothel known for its exotic pleasures.

[edit] City Buildings

  • Guard Barracks (4, 5): Barracks for the Waterdhavian City Guard.

[edit] Guild Halls

  • The Metal House of Wonders (A): Dock Ward. Guildhall for the Splendid Order of Armorers, Locksmiths & Finesmiths.
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