Star Wars: Malevolence of Mandalore Chronicle System

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[edit] Player Characters

Nerra: Selonian Jedi Knight - played by Chillos
Tehlvin Ohmidarr: Human Jedi Knight - played by Joe
Nico: Human Jedi Padawan - played by Chris
Roman Vechtor Jedi Knight - played by Dave
Varina Rin Jedi Knight - Played by Jeff
Suri Chiss Jedi Knight - Played by Jamie

[edit] The Galaxy

  • Coruscant: Center of the Galaxy, and home to the Jedi High Council and the site of the new Jedi Temple, currently under construction.

[edit] Outer Rim

  • Dantooine: Located in the Outer Rim. Home to one of the few remaining Jedi Enclaves - Dantooine serves as a training ground for the most promising Padawans
  • Taris: City: World in the Outer Rim. Recently admitted to the Republic and home of the Taris Academy
  • Ossus: Barren World in the Outer Rim. Once home to the Jedi, the world was nearly destroyed by the Sith, much of its knowledge lost. It is all but impossible to reach due to Hyperspace disturbances

[edit] Expansion Region

  • Teya IV: Found in the Expansion Region, home of the Teyan Praxeum

[edit] Unknown Space

  • Ilum: An Ice World in Unknown Space. This world is one of the few places where Jedi can harvest Lightsaber Crystals.

[edit] Notable NPCs

Jedi Council: High Council
The Jedi: Dantooine Enclave

[edit] Rules and Mechanics

New Rules for the Star Wars Game
Character Creation in the Star Wars Game
New and Updated Qualities for Star Wars Game
The Force
Equipment in the Star Wars Game
Droid Creation

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