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Legal Name: x
Metatype: Dwarf, Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: x, Sex: Male, Height: x, Weight: x
Street Cred: x, Notoriety: x, Public Awareness: x
Karma: x, Total Karma: x
Primary Lifestyle:
Nuyen: ¥x
Licenses: None
Other Identities: x
Combat Info
Armor: 12
Ranged: None
Melee: Knucks
Condition Monitors Physical: 10 Stun: 9 Overflow: 3
Body: 3, Agility: 5, Reaction: 2, Strength: 4
Willpower: 2, Logic: 5, Intuition: 2, Charisma: 4
Edge: 6, Essence: 6, Magic: 6, Resonance: -
Initiative: 1D6+4, Matrix Initiative: -, Astral Initiative: 2D6+4
Composure: 6, Judge Intentions: 6, Memory: 7, Lift/Carry: 40/20 kg (88/44 lbs), Movement: Walk 10, Run 20, Sprint +1m/hit
Physical Limit: 5, MentalLimit: 5, SocialLimit: 6
Active Skills:
Agility: Throwing Weapons 2 (Grenades +2), Unarmed Combat 3 (Cestus +2), Gymnastics 1
Reaction: Pilot Groundcraft 1 (Wheeled +2)
Logic:(+2 from Analytical Mind) Armorer 1 (Explosives +2), Demolitions 2
Charisma: Perform 1, Leadership 1, Negotiation 1
Knowledge Skills:
Architecture 2 (commercial +2), Sprawl Life 3 (Scavenging +2), Chemistry 2, Club Music 1
Languages: English (N)
Positive: Thermographic Vision (racial), +2 to resist pathogen/toxin (racial), Vehicle Empathy, Steely-Eyed Wheelman, Black Market Pipeline, Analytical Mind, Legendary Reputation
Negative Qualities: +20% to lifestyle (racial), Code of Honor
Adept Powers:Astral Perception, Magic Sense, Killing Hands, Kinesics Mastery, Penetrating Strikes 4, Cool Resolve 1, Kinesics 1, Commanding Voice 1, Body Boost 1, Strength Boost 1, Agility Boost 1, Reaction Boost 1
Mechanic L2C3, Cyber Securities L4C3, Black Market Pipeline
Commlink or Cyberdeck
Honda Spirit: Handle 3/2, Speed 4, Accel 2, Bod 8, Armor 6, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Seats 2

[edit] Background

Born: x


[edit] Combat Gear

[edit] Armor

  • Armor Jacket 12 (Shock frills, non-conductive)

[edit] Weapons

  • Knucks (Cestus)
  • High Explosive Grenade (2), Frag Grenade (1)

[edit] Lifestyle & Identity

[edit] Lifestyle

  • Comforts & Necessities: 1
  • Security: 2
  • Neighborhood: 1
  • Points: 2 (Armorer Workshop)
  • Cost: 500¥
  • Entertainment:
    • Workshop: Armorer

[edit] Gear

  • Carried: Renraku Sensei R3, Trodes
  • Stored: x

[edit] Clothing

  • x

[edit] SINs

  • Insert Name Here:
    • Licenses: -
    • Credit: 0

[edit] Family, Friends, Allies & Contacts

Mechanic (3/2)
One of the oldest members of the Red Hot Nukes, Greasebeard is the main mechanic for the dwarven gang. He is fully capable of rebuilding and jury rigging things so that even old junkers can either be brought back to life or stripped clean for use in rebuilding other heaps. He loves your stories of growing up among the huge and rollicking Hill Clan of dwarves, having grown up in the system as an orphan in his youth.
Katerinka Darin
Lone Star Cyber Securities (3/4)
A Matrix security specialist with Lone Star, Katerinka's family emigrated from Vladivostok when she was young. She has worked for Lone Star for quite a few years and risen high in the ranks of the law enforcement corporation. You and she met when you worked at the 'Star, and she was instrumental in your pulling off the Hollywood Crash Bombing of '70.
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