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A Savants Unlimited: Thaumaphoros Academy Campaign, using Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition

Thaumaphoroi: Year One

A tale of young Savants, enrolled in the specialized curriculum of the Thaumaphoros Academy. Its goal: to train those with unique posthuman gifts in the mastery of those gifts, and to provide an education far above and beyond the normal educations of even the finest schools available.


[edit] Beta Class

Based out of Merveille House, New Orleans.

[edit] Gamma Class

Based out of DaVinci House, Angel Island, San Francisco.

[edit] Non Player Characters

  • Theogenes, Dean of the Academy. Multimorphic; Teleprojective (low level). Theogenes also functions as the entirety of the teaching staff, splitting himself off into "otherselves" to give one-on-one individual instruction for each student.
  • The Logioi, the Board of Directors of the Academy. The Academy is funded by the other branches of the Trust. As such, they have a say in the operations of the Academy. A representative of each of the other branches is thereby part of the Logioi (singular Logios), the council that acts as a board of directors and facilitators for the Academy.

[edit] Setting

[edit] Resources

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