Thomas Michael Craig

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Thomas Michael Craig
Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 2;
Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3;
Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 3
Mental: Academics 1, Computer 1, Crafts 2, Investigation 1, Occult 1, Politics 1, Science 1

Physical: Athletics 1, Brawl 2, Larceny 3 (Sleight of Hand), Stealth 2 (In Crowds)
Social: Animal Ken 1, Emapathy 1, Intimidation 1, Persuasion 1, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 2 (Fast Talk)

Mental: None

Physical: Sleight of Hand 2
Social: Resources 2
Fast Talk 3
Fighting: None
Supernatural: Pack 1

Health: 8, Willpower: 5, Size: 5, Speed: 11, Defense: 5 (Armor: None), Initiative: 7
Current Conditions
You're creeped out and fascinated by a brush with the supernatural
Possible Sources: Exposure to something uncanny.
Resolution: This Condition is resolved when your character’s fear and fascination causes her to do something that hinders the group or complicates things (she goes off alone to investigate a strange noise, stays up all night researching, runs away instead of holding her ground, etc.).
Connected: The Underground
Connected (Persistent)
You have an in with a certain group. +2 to pertinent rolls, or discard condition for exceptional success
Possible Sources: Exceptional Success: Politics, Socialize (only requires 3 successes with Allies or Contacts).
Resolution: The character loses her membership or otherwise loses her standing with the group.
Beat: The character is asked to perform a favor for the group that inconveniences her.


  • Grandpa lives near mt St. Helens
  • Dad was an app developer stay at home shut in, mom has a biology degree and did tide pool tours in long view.
  • One of dads apps hit big in 2002 and got bought in shortly after by a large company. His Whole family got moved to la, ten years of urban living, has left Thomas a troubled teen.
  • He graduated high school barely and avoided felonies because his dad does golf with the judge.
  • After all that the parents gave him an ultimatum, peace core, military, or college and you can't go to one of those urban party.
  • So for the summer he was shipped off to St. Helens with grandpa, when it was time to pick he had an attack of rebellion and went to the Astoria university.
  • Age :18
  • Technically no criminal record but the county jail knew him by name.
  • Parents gave him a full ride, and a small stipend. He has to keep a gpa or he is going into the army.



  • Virtue: Defender. Regain all your Willpower when you protect someone at cost or difficulty to yourself.
  • Vice: Competitive. Regain a point of Willpower when you get one up on someone.
  • Aspirations:
    • Hear my parents tell me they're proud of me.
    • Find my tribe.
    • Figure out what I am.
  • Integrity: 4
  • Breaking Points:
    • Willfully causing injury to someone.
    • Automotive accidents
    • Being powerless
    • Kids birthday parties
    • Domestic scenes, with evidence of loss and violence.


  • Possessions: x
  • Weapons: x
  • Other Notes: X

Merit Details


A description of your characters day to day life.

  • Downtime Condition: Devoted. Thomas spends most of his available time with his friends and loved ones. Dedicated Traits: xxx.
  • Money: His parent have a shared account they put a reasonable amount in every month, that they also monitor.
  • Clothing & Jewelry:Dark colored jeans, solid color tee shirt, sneakers and, when wether allows a hoodie or p-coat. He wears a hand tooled pirate themed belt and 5 hand braided friendship bracelets on his left hand( one from each of the old crew, he made one each of them too) a spoon ring( trip has a matching one)
  • Communication: Thomas keeps up with folks via social media. Very rarely takes phone calls, proffering text or email. He carries printed cards with his email and Facebook.
  • Food: um kinda whatever, so mostly pizza, noodles and whatever Werner cooks.
  • Housing: Bendall Hall Room 205, with Miles Brovik in 207.
  • Days: meal plan breakfast, crappy early freshman required courses. Lunch with somebody.
  • Evenings:party, crossroads, Warner's loft. Really any option, and if nothing is happening he would make something.

Friends and Family


Janet May Craig (formerly Thurgood)
Mom, Renowned biologist and horticulturist
Masters in biology, Doctorate of botany and horticulture. Ran a nursery for awhile created some unique clones while at the nursery and published some papers. Helped Eric create a identifying app for plants called GreenView. She grew up an outdoorsy Tom boy running around the north west.
Eric Thomas Craig
Dad, Noted Programmer and App Designer
Grew up in poor health and so didn't socialize much when he was younger. He put his effort towards learning electronics most specifically computers. He is mostly reclusive, over dinners he sometimes talks about friends, we assume online. He did the back end programming for Janet's plant Id app GreenView, mostly as a thing for them to do together. Who know it would turn into a high paying job with a think tank in L.A.?
George "Spruce" Michael Thurgood
Grandfather, Naturalist and Professional Hiker
George worked 35 years as a surveyor then planner for the Bureau of Land Management (he likes to say he was a professional hikers for 30something years). He is an armchair naturalist and volunteers with a number of youth organizations leading nature hikes as well as the Mt St. Helens Visitor Center. He seems to have 3 modes: reading, talking, walking. That's all he seems to do. He's very patient and has lived alone since his wife Terry Mae passed 15 years ago. He frequently draws life lesson analogies out of the one or two life adventures he has had, climbing that one tall mountain, and the Alaskan fishing boat of his youth.


DJ Prometheus
(James)Small time dj with delusions of grandeur, very entertaining inspiring delusions of grandeur. He was old enough to buy booze, had been to burning man twice and always had drugs. We helped make sure that was the case.
Neo hippie, dancer, with the D.J.
Also 21-22 ish most of the time was with James. They were on again off again. She to most was perfect, vegetarian, made jewelry and found object art danced entrancingly beautifully and didn't do unnatural drugs. She was known to be a bit of a stargazing philosopher when not on the dance floor.
Ex-girlfriend, the sneaky one
She was everyone's little sister, to most people she had been around forever and no one knew how young she was. She was Thomas's first love. She was sneaky and quick witted together they were unstoppable.
Tech genius and music producer
He's a tech genius. He put together all of James' sound gear. Managed recording sessions in his moms basement. He lacked the creativity, but it seemed he could do anything someone could ask. He did forged id's. he also did a lot of hacktivist activities. He got us all free phone service and would scrub phones so we could pawn them.
Trip's girlfriend
Trips lover and rave sister.



Potential Romantic Interests

Teresa Cantu
Aedia Randall
The Queen Bee
The Wild Wolf Girl


Character Experiences
Current Beats: 0
Unspent Experiences: 0
Spent Experiences: 6
Experiences Earned
• Character Creation: 1 Experience (remainder)
• June 25th: 4 beats
• July 9th: 4 beats
• July 23rd: 2 beats
• August 6th: 5 beats
Sept 3rd: 2 beats
• June 25th: +1 Manipulation (4 Exp)*** +1 fast talk(1 exp)*** +1 Fast talk(1 exp)