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[edit] Drakenschloss

[edit] Nobles

  • Baron Magnus von Drachenhoff
  • Aldric, Baron's nephew; complete disappointment to his uncle
  • Isadora von Drachenhoff, baron's daughter

[edit] Retainers & Servants

  • Lady Tatiana Szygorny, castellan
  • Lord Pavell Szygorny, title is patronymic (due to wife), merchant caravaneer.
  • Dr. Wilhelm Schreiber, court physician
  • Radovan Petrovich, hunchback, defacto (untitled) chancellor
  • Kajetan, head steward
  • Hedvika, head cook
  • Marshal Dunboch
  • Captain Andrej, captain of guard (castle and town); Siegfried's technical superior

[edit] The Wizard's Tower

  • Lienhart, wizard who tried to teach Aldric, without success. Older, grey-black hair, startlingly blue eyes; Master Magus of the Celestial College
  • Konrad, manservant the size of a small hillock

[edit] Others

  • Irina, the bodyguard of the warlock cursing Isadora, lost her arm.

[edit] Boltmere

[edit] Government Figures

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