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[edit] Premise

A cabal, put together by the Hierarch and Council of Portland, with one purpose: to track, identify, recruit and train new mages to the Consilium, whether they are simply new in town, or newly Awakened. Their unspoken task is also to examine all such newcomers, and ascertain the identity of those who may be Seers plants.

[edit] Player Characters

The Lamplighters Cabal

[edit] Previous Members

  • Ororo, Acanthus Adamantine Arrow (played by A.J.), Recalled to Atlanta
  • Vigil, Acanthus Free Council (played by Chillos), deceased.
  • Boss, Mastigos Guardians of the Veil (played by Chillos), recalled by the Guardians.

[edit] The Lamplighters

[edit] Cabal Resources

[edit] Chronicle Resources

[edit] Consilii of the Pacific Northwest

[edit] Order Caucuses of the Pacific Northwest

[edit] Seers of the Throne of the Pacific Northwest

[edit] Rules Changes & Additions

[edit] Merits

[edit] House Rules

  • Natural Healing: An alternate take on natural healing in the World of Darkness Storytelling System.
  • Mind Magic and Social Buffs: Bringing the Mind spells that augment Mental and Social abilities more into scale with other spells.

[edit] Previous Iterations

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