Wereraven Fighting Merits

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Efficient Killer (•••)

Prerequisites: Primal Urge •, Brawl •••, Medicine ••, Strength •••
Effect: You are the master of swift, merciful death. You know exactly where to strike to end a life in one swift blow. When in visceral manifestation and using claws to attack, any time an opponent is denied their Defense, you may upgrade a number of points of damage you inflict equal to your Strength or Medicine (whichever is lower) from bashing to lethal, or from lethal to aggravated. Armor subtracts these upgraded damage points first.
Drawback: This Merit only works on living targets with discernible weak points. You must sacrifice your Defense to use this attack. As this invokes the Rookery, anytime you use this Merit's benefits gain one Rage.

Flanking (••)

Prerequisites: Stealth ••, Brawl ••, Wits •••
Effect: You aren't amazing in a fight, but are skilled in the "wolf pack" technique of fighting in which one packmate darts in to grab hold of the prey, distracting and hobbling it while a packmate drives in to do the real damage. Any time you make a grappling attack, you can allocate any successes beyond the first as bonus dice to a compatriot's attacks over the next turn. This only works with the initial roll to establish the grapple.
Drawback: You must devote all of your attention to the effort, sacrificing your Defense to use Flanking.

Spiritual Blockage (••)

Prerequisites: Shadow Sight Merit, Wits •••, Brawl •, Occult •••
Effect: You can sense the Ebb and flow of Essence in your opponents. With a well-placed strike, you can cause not just a bodily wound, but a spiritual one. Anytime you make a Brawl or Weaponry attack against a creature that uses Essence, you may take a -2 penalty to the roll, cumulative with other modifiers. If the attack is successful, the target loses a point of Essence in addition to all the other normal effects of the attack. If the attack is an exceptional success, the victim loses two points. This Essence is considered spent, so counts against the amount a victim can spend in a turn.